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  1. I have the same issue... The ILS at EDDM work fine on my first flight this morning. This afternoon, I do the same flight, with the same frequency, setting radio nav, etc... but ILS don't match. It's look like weather ok on the first flight of the day and not the other... JLuc
  2. I hope you're not on OVH's servers in Strasbourg.
  3. Hello the community Question for developers... Have you tested the CRJ with virtual helmets? Do flight plans disappear when you switch to VR, like other MSFS planes? JLuc from LFST
  4. Hello Simstarter works well with P3DV4. I just installed P3DV5 but simstarter does not detect it. What did I forget to do? Thank you for your help
  5. Hello, For me it's the ND... Edit.... Yes with COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 instead of default 0 it's OK JLuc
  6. Bonjour, Il faut aller dans l'EFB, onglet options et cocher show F/O (en même temps que show CPT) sous PFD/MFD Display rendering. Bonne jurnée JLuc
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