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  1. Will both of CFM and IAE engines be fully simulated as in the previous version? There is a version of the A318 powered by PW engines, I don't think so, but will this type of engine be available? * I've searched the forum and found no quotes about this please don't throw rocks at me *
  2. hope u guys are already planning a P3D v5 version and upgrades to the 330neo since the release will be after the turbofan era in aviaton
  3. U guys should give us a release date. for the products Even if it is next year.. At least our expectations and ansiety will lower about this mistery and we'll patiently wait
  4. Greetings. Will there be an option to have breakfans installed? Will the cockpit and liveries have signs of use like in the relatively old jets in PMDG (744) an awesome feature was the screens and panels that come with dirt and the liveries they come with signs of use (the jetway bridge and cargo holds). It makes the sim more realistic in my opinion. And when is the next expansion (-200) schedule to be released? I'm sorry if these questions have already been discussed. Thanks!
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