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  1. i use navigraph FMS charts for landing, its gives the precise altitude one needs to be at , been flying various aircrafts for 20 years now, so at times get a bit over confident and miss the finer points, thanks for the advise, yes the aircract does not follow the guide slope only because i did not press the circular button to enable autopilot to accept the loc mode , doing that corrected it all, viking
  2. thanks for all the advise ,it was a small step i missed that is after setting nav to loc i did not press the circular button to make the change ,once i did this its all working fine,so just changing the nav input to loc does not activate the autopilot to follow GS viking
  3. Thanks for all the advise , i followed them all ,but result is same, ils frequency is correct, aircrat intercepts the localiser, i see the green dot of glide slope, i have tuned Nav to loc / gs, landing speed is correct at vref, app is on in autopilot, need to manually fly to land as aircraft does not respond to GS just wanted to check if i am missing some settings viking.
  4. after capturing the glide scope the aircraft fails to descend and maintains the same altitude, need to disconnect the auto pilot and land manually,followed all the steps mentioned , yet the same results.
  5. in subsequent flights after the first one which goes on well , my aircraft loads with all lights on, and the efb or all other switches show no response, the only solution is to delete and reinstall ,after whcih the first flight is all okay but the problem persists in subsequent flights,is there a solution
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