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  1. Hello, Dave thank you so much your a life saver, I was pulling my hair out last night thinking my aircraft was broke if only you could see my smile right now All resolved thanks.
  2. Hello, I recently bought A318/A319 pro only a few hours ago from the time I wrote this, the install went well with no problems I then started my P3Dv4 once I loaded in I selected my aircraft state to cold and dark and set it to default, I turn the Ext power on then both BAT 1 & 2 are selected, I go to turn on my Integral lights all turn on fine but the autopilot dash, I have reinstalled the A318/A319 with no luck and the exact same problem persists I have looked around the forums and seen somewhat similar issues but not the exact same. one thing I will mention if I select the aircraft sate to taxi ready the auto pilot dash Integral lights illuminate as normal but the problem just reverses they are on continuously and I can't control the brightness, not one knob that is used for Integral lights or flood lights effect the autopilot dash lighting also the little Ipad thing on the captains left window is continuously on and I can't turn it off or dim the lighting, at the top of the Ipad is clickable area when clicked a little round green light illuminates.
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