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  1. Fardel


    Thank you for answare all I have a subscription and I have the weather. I refer to weather maps on the "Browser" page. For the internet connection my connection work fine - I always fly on line on VATSIM e I have VATSIM traffic on FSCommander anf on PFPX. I can not understand why until a month ago everything worked well. Paolo.
  2. Good morning. It is some time that aviationweather.gov is not reachable from PFPX and therefore I do not have any weather maps on the "Browser" page. The same for FSCommander; I can not get the meteorological data from NOAA. All sites are unreachable. Is there any solution? Thank you Paolo
  3. Fardel

    Shipping type

    Hello, I purchased Anchrage X - order nr. 1010012 (Transation 46L21684M7101360F) but I did not notice that I have selected POST-Registered Mail instead of Digital Download. Is it possible change the Shipping Type of my Order 1010012 from POST-Registered Mail to Digital Download? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience Paolo
  4. Fardel

    Anchorage X

    Maybe I explained myself wrong. I have bought Anchorage for FS2004 from Aerosoft shop (Order # 314294). I tried to do the whole procedure again and now to get the discount. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the answers. Paolo
  5. Fardel

    Anchorage X

    Hello, I need a clarification. Some time ago I bought from you, Anchorage for FS2004 and today I would like to buy Anchorahe X for FSX but I saw that the discount is only for owners of FSX version and not for FS2004 , so if I have to purchase it at full price. I saw, however, on Simmarket, that for those who bought the version for FS2004 and take the version for FSX is applied the discount. There is an error on your site? or at Simmarket site? Thank you for the reply. Paolo
  6. Fardel

    SODE issues

    Good morning. I bought Milan X but I can not use the jetway because it says that my aircraft (PMDG 737) is always located outside the range of the jetway although I'm parked correctly in the gate. In the SODE log files there are many WARNING (for Rome too) but in Rome the jetway work fine while in Milan No in all the gates - always return out of range. My simulator is Prepar3D v3.4 with GSX but I use the jetway with the menu item for SODE 1.4.0. Attached a copy of my SODE Log files. Can someone help me; thanks for answers. Best regards Paolo SODE.log
  7. I uninstalled again the scenario and, this time, I noticed that even APController has been uninstalled, something that did not happen when I uninstalled version 1 before. I reinstalled the scenario and I had to change the simobject file with the right call to Prague item by myself. Now everything works fine, GXS also and this is important for me. Thanks for your help and I apologize for the earlier outburst. I back fly to Prague. cheers Paolo
  8. APController is working as all in simobject Paolo
  9. Good morning, I'm very angry about this scenario that I have hired several euro. As you can see, on Prepar3D v3.2.3, with version 1.00 everything worked fine, including GSX. I uninstalled the old version 1 and installed the latest version and this is the result There are no signs on the ground and there are no jeway - in other words, is a disaster - I also tried to uninstall GSX and install the latest version but nothing. Unfortunately I deleted the old version 1 from my store when I downloaded the latest version and I can not go back - if you do not find a solution I will remove Prague from my virtual flight's destination. Thank you Paul