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  1. Thank you so much for this tip. When I get home I will try this and report updates to this thread. -Mark
  2. HT was disabled for this system build. AV (ESET) has been uninstalled to troubleshoot this issue with no improvements to the stuttering. Having the same issue as discribed earlier in the thread: "Same here. Its stutters. Taxiing is most noticeable... its like this ---------..-----------------..------------..-----------------------..---------------..-------------..----------- (line smooth, dotdot stutter) Old CRJ was always smoothest addon i have, 30-45 steady. And also CDT with EFB use. CDT stops me every flight. I understand this is being looked into as of 10th Dec there was a breakthrough with Navigraph 1hr timeout problem? Im yet to have a go at a landing unfortunately, But i imagine the stutters would be a problem with smooth flow." -Mark
  3. Thank you both for the quick reply. I have removed all AV from Windows 10 still same issue. Thank you so much for the help. -Mark Specs, Windows 10 Intel Xeon Gold 6144 32BG 2600 RAM GTX 2070 Super 1TB Intel SSD
  4. First I want to start off with my respect for Hans and Aerosoft. I know that a ton of time and effort has been spent on the CRJ development and it's been a long haul for the development team. But I am extremely disappointed with the CRJ Pro for one reason.....the dreaded Stutter fest I am getting on my system ( I'm not the only one who has this issue). I know that it's being worked on. But I am pissed and regretting the purchase as this issue is nowhere to be found on any review! Not a damn word about it, and yet the forums are jam packed with the issue happening to most users. For the money spent I expected this issue to be resolved if not a sticky on the forum acknowledging that it's a know issue and being addressed. I had to dig through the forum to find the tread. I find this very distasteful, as the stuttering issue is something that ruins any experience in flight sim, and should be a top priority to issue a fix. Clearly this is any issue for many folks whose systems are capable of very smooth flight experience with complex scenery and aircraft add-ons, and are getting those results currently. I feel completely ripped off with the amount of money that was spent for this purchase, only to get this result and it's been a known issue for some time since the release of the CRJ Pro. I want my money back.......I'm sorry but this situation is not acceptable to me, and I hope that this issue is resolved soon........on day one the CRJ Pro for me will remain grounded and in the hanger, and the stuttering has ruined the flight experience. The modeling is awesome, the flight dynamics are great, the FMS logic in respect to course tracking can be flaky but is acceptable, but the stuttering is a deal breaker for me. Just ruins the experience of this awesome aircraft, and is the ONLY major negative complaint I have about it. I cannot recommend this product at this time to ANYONE until this issue is resolved. I am so sorry for the negative comment, but I'm pretty pissed about this issue, and that it's not posted as a sticky on the forum, and that I was stupid enough to not have spotted the issue before purchase. -Mark
  5. I am having the same issue. I wish i knew about this problem with the CRJ before made the purchase. I mean no disrespect to Hans and crew, but I feel ripped off. $75 is a lot for an add-on, and I expected much more than this very poor performance. I truly feel like a made a mistake in purchasing this product. I know that the Aerosoft team is committed to resolving the issue, but for now this aircraft on day 1 is to remain grounded and in the hanger until this issue is resolved. The stuttering completely ruins the experience. All aircraft add-ons that I have do not have this issue and has very smooth performance making the experience much enjoyable. I'm very disappointed with the CRJ...and I saw nothing of this issue on any reviews.....when it's obvious most folks are experiencing the stutter fest. Such a shame..... I made a mistake and now regretting it. I'm so sorry for the negative comments, but I find this unacceptable for the amount of money that was paid. -Mark
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