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    Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 VAS Use

    My best advice is CHANGE TO P3DV3. I also posted a comment about having problems with EDDF, but since i got P3D V3 the simulator is just perfect. I have the same addons running ( a lot of them) and i can keep FPS above 35 FPS all the time in EDDF, and my VAS doesnt go above 3,3 GB. During flight i get an average of 60 to 70 FPS. So every FSX user, forget about tweaking and scenery cfg tools, etc.... Just get P3D V3 and about 99% of your problems will go away. I am using: -FTX Global+Vector+OpenLC -Addon Aircrafts, and airports. -My traffic 6 -Active Sky 2016 + ASCA -FSFX (PrecipitFX and A320 immersion) -Rex 4 plus Soft Clouds I am also using really high graphic settings. And by the way there is no need to tweak your P3D, the best you can do is add a suitable Affinity Mask.
  2. Simspe

    Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 VAS Use

    Hi mate, I am sorry to inform you, but OOM errors have absolutely nothing to do with your computer specifications.( I am just speaking about OOM, Framerate has to do with your computer specifications) VAS is a big problem on FSX because it is a 32 bit software, which menas it can only deal with 2^32 bits = 4Gb, so if the combination of addons you have installed on FSX surpasses those 4Gb you get an OOM error, So needless to say Frankfurt V2.0 is a really heavy addon, and i cannot use it. Everytime i try to land there, i get an OOM error few seconds after touchdown, or when approaching gates. I am also running, Aerosoft Airbus, FTX ORBX global+ Vector+ OpenLC Europe, Flying from another Aerosoft Airport and using Active Sky next. The framerate is good, it never goes below 30 fps until a few seconds before i get the OOM. Is there anything i can do to improve the VAS usage on Frankfurt Airport? Has any update been released since the debut version? I hope someone can help me with this problem, because it is really anoying not being able to use Frankfurt. I am only able to take off from frankfurt. PC Specs: Intel i7 6700k Nvidia GTX 980 32 Gb of ram 512 Gb SSD Pci Express 1Tb HDD