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  1. I hear you Mathijs, I was just curious. Thanks for getting back to me
  2. Thanks for getting back to me KIE, I've read that already, but still don't see what the answer is concerning the A330. Unless you mean the Virtual Airline Program (something I don't know anything about)?? Please let me see the light haha
  3. Good morning everyone! I’ve been reading through different topics concerning the Airbus Professional Series, and have become a bit confused with some stuff. Could someone clarify a few things for me? Sorry in advance for possible ‘dumb’ questions, I don’t intend to come across as an idiot xD 1) So if you own all 4 aircraft (A318-A321), but have previously bought them as 2 separate packages (A318/A319 and A320/A321), and now wish to buy the new BUNDLE of the 4 aircraft, is it/will it be possible to do so and get a discount, and thus a single serial number? 2) If I understood correctly, there was at least talk of possibly getting a discount then on the A330 Professional if you own the A320 Professional family. So my question is: if the answer to the first question is no and I can’t get a single serial number, can I still get the same discount owning 2 separate key numbers for the 2 A320 family packages as if I had bought the Bundle versionof the A320 Professional family? I had another question but it has now slipped my mind. Thanks in advance to anyone taking their time to answer me. Hope everyone has a great day, especially the Aerosoft team! Cheers.
  4. Thank you so much Sean! I’m so glad that you liked the shots, thank you for taking the time to stop by and check them out and comment, really appreciate it Happy New Year and all the best! Sincerely, Vincent
  5. Thank you very much Rupert!!! I tried to give some perspective to the shear size of the 777-300ER. I really appreciate your kind words and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day! All the best, Sincerely, Vincent
  6. Thank you so much @kalizzi! I wish you a Merry Christmas as well and a fantastic New Year! All the best to you buddy! Best Regards, VSM
  7. Finally got the chance to post these photos. Hope you guys enjoy them!
  8. Hello everyone!! Today we conducted our final leg of our Around The World Journey and have had an incredible trip the entire time. Now I realize that I've missed posting updates and thus pictures as well of the trip, but I've had an extremely important test yesterday which took all my time away from this journey, but thanks to the miracle of autopilot, I could still conduct the flight and get right back to studying. I did, however, take pictures every now and then and will post them as soon as I get the chance to go through them. Our final flight was flown by the entire crew, with Vanessa and Nux handling the departure while Perran and I handled the arrival. Our VIP's got a bit emotional towards the end, and I don't blame them...I did too We shared the journey of a lifetime and saw the World. Thank you everyone who followed our journey, and thank you Mathijs Kok for organizing this event! All the best to you all and I'll get back still with the pictures of the trip. On behalf of the flight crew and myself, thank you for flying with us, we hope you have a safe onward journey! Yours Sincerely, Vincent, Vanessa, Nux, and Perran.
  9. And so we have arrived safely to New York JFK, and had again a fantastic flight. Weather was good; it was only when we were descending that the cloud coverage began increasing to OVC. We are now on our way to have our debrief and then to the hotel to leave our stuff, and then to downtown NYC! Exciting!! Our next flight will be our last for this ATW trip, as sad as it is, we will enjoy every last bit of the flight and we sincerely hope all of you do too! Until then, have a great day everyone!
  10. About an hour and a half still to go. Flight's been smooth so far and very enjoyable. Sad to have this be our second-last flight of this wonderful journey This is the current weather report we have of KJFK - 10:54: KJFK 090951Z 01004KT 10SM OVC085 02/M08 A2997 RMK AO2 SLP147 T00221078
  11. Hi folks! We're on our way now from KSFO to New York. Departure was hectic with a lot of other departures and arrivals, but we managed to weave our way through and are now on our climb to a cruising altitude of 37,000ft. We're relatively light again today (surprise surprise), but do expect to pick up passengers and cargo on our final leg (KJFK-EGLL). Hope everyone is doing well and having fun! I'll keep you posted as we go, as always
  12. Hi @Mathijs Kok , I just noticed while checking the last date I could complete the KSFO-KJFK leg that there is a maximum amount when flying in a team, and just wanted to clarify that although I mention Ness, Ena, and Perran, I'm actually the one flying - they wanted to do this ATW trip, but due to excess uni work, we decided that I would actually do it and that they would be 'in spirit' along with the journey Thanks, just wanted to let ya know Have a great day! Sincerely, Vincent
  13. What a beautiful arrival we had to KSFO this morning. Everything went well and we are now just a few more flights away from our starting point, EGLL. We've had a great trip so far and have enjoyed the exploring of each city we've visited. Hope this is the same case for everyone else. Now we head off to explore yet another wonderful city and get an early start because we arrived so early today. Have a wonderful day everyone, we sure will! Sincerely, Ena Minimums...
  14. So we are well on our way and expect an on-time arrival to KSFO in 7 hours and 5 minutes. I'm heading off to bed now and will hand over 'Diary Duties' to Perran. Good night everyone! Safe travels!
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