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  1. Brill thanks Maybe I can get somewhere with this and ado and my stream deck cheers mike
  2. does anyone have a lvar list to use aao ? please trying to use this regards mike smith
  3. All I can say is aerosoft is your best hope of getting one Amazon have no idea on when and-weren’t that bothered at least from when I spoke to them pas they’re uk supplier they will arrive here before anywhere else you can’t do anything about the que but at least you’ll be informed and get it as quick as they can do it
  4. it balances out about the same tbh the import tax makes it roughly the same as amazon and you will get one from aerosoft
  5. Change to aerosoft now the wait will be whatever it is for anywhere in uk When i rang amazon the other day there not interested in trying to for fill orders for this, so change over now would be my advice at least with aerosoft you'll get information on whats happening and they will get it to you as quick as they can
  6. Many thanks Marius Amazon take note this is how to do customer service
  7. so my question still remains when can i expect mine from aerosoft ordered yesterday still not processed ? would be nice to have some idea of when i can finally expect it
  8. right changed from amazon to aerosoft after yet another phone call with no date when can i expect my bravo form you ordered today
  9. Hans ‘you listening take control’ Mathijs ‘ I wonder what this button does - “click” ‘ops’
  10. Can i ask an honest question if i cancel Amazon order and re-order with aerosoft when i can i realistically expect to get delivery can someone from aerosoft comment please ? as ive been waiting months just want a proper date ?
  11. what about Birmingham egbb to gatwick egkk thats around the right distance and two nice big airports
  12. It’s the lack of info that gets peple annoyed more than anything else ifindhard to believe that these companies can’t tell us when we can expect them ram my own business and I would have just rang the distrubitor and ask what the hold up was andwgen I could expect delivery
  13. I don’t think it will release with update at the same time as if there’s issues with update it could effect release so after makes sense to me
  14. Monday 15 feb weekend releases are few in case of problems so Monday the 15 for me
  15. Can’t you ask your uk distributor if they,’ve shipped any to Amazon and if you can let us know
  16. Think he was asking aerosoft to ask their uk supplier if any units had been sent to amazon or ask them to comment on here not actual comment for them
  17. That’s my quandary do I cancel with Amazon who may well get some in an unknown timescale or reorder with some who is know I will have to wait for months for one thing is certain this will come back to haunt the companies involved re- future products orders etc
  18. So this beg the question why aren’t Amazon being given any And why aren’t Amazon being given information to pass on to their customers and if we cancel we go to the back of the que where ever we order from, which grinds with me
  19. I doubt Amazon are holding orders up more likely a supply problem, if aerosoft shipped as they said they did units are between their supplier in uk and Amazon somewhere
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