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  1. I've jumped my stage fright to pop up my question on here, one which drives me more and more crazy the last few days: Every time when I move my mouse (wired / Logitech G600) it activates some sort of electrical noise/sound (Not loud, but somehow noticeable) from the PC casing. Like if some stuff is interfering with each other .. Anyone who has some experience with such a thing?
  2. Awesome, just awesome. I've just done an testflight PMI-BCN and although I was really confused when the A/P did not follow the MCDU course, until I figured that I forgot to do the ZFW input on the Fuel PRED page of the MCDU, it was an absolute joy to fly this bus again! Great to have it back in P3D again, and I can't wait to have the A320/321/330 completed by the end of the year. Great job!
  3. OMG, yeah!! We need more of these highly detailed asian sceneries!
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