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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. I've jumped my stage fright to pop up my question on here, one which drives me more and more crazy the last few days: Every time when I move my mouse (wired / Logitech G600) it activates some sort of electrical noise/sound (Not loud, but somehow noticeable) from the PC casing. Like if some stuff is interfering with each other .. Anyone who has some experience with such a thing?
  2. Awesome, just awesome. I've just done an testflight PMI-BCN and although I was really confused when the A/P did not follow the MCDU course, until I figured that I forgot to do the ZFW input on the Fuel PRED page of the MCDU, it was an absolute joy to fly this bus again! Great to have it back in P3D again, and I can't wait to have the A320/321/330 completed by the end of the year. Great job!
  3. Do you have a stock 4770 or a 4770K ? As far as I know by reading around the transition from a GTX970 to an 1070 isn't spectacular on speed but it does give you the additional required GPU memory (And 1070's are more & more affordable). Even with systems with the most expensive hardware there will always be 1 bottleneck, so you should focus on the target which makes you enjoy P3Dv4/v5 on the settings which with you are satisfied.
  4. Wouldn't it be an idea for Aerosoft to get an bit more extensive (PC) hardware section in the shop? (Narrowed down to the hardware that is the most suitable for simulation software of the whole Aerosoft range) And do you guys know if LM is also having its connections with the Hardware sector? (Like NVIDIA/Intel) For now this whole thing got me from just wanting to replace the GPU to an complete new build (Granted, I do have an suitbale destination for the current system so it makes my story stronger within 'the house').
  5. GPU prices are coming down further these weeks, atleast in The Netherlands. The expectation is that the prices will go down further as the new range of NVIDIA GPU's are around the corner, but it will depend on the number of 1070/1080 GPU's currently on stock.
  6. In the end I have decided to wait for purchasing a new GPU. I want to await the introduction of the new model/chip range (Either the 11XX or 2XXX series, whatever NVIDIA are going to name them). Prices on the 10XX series is dropping quite well now, so if the blockchain market keeps slow and if there is any introduction of new NVIDIA gear in july/august (speculative) it might even drop further.
  7. I am wondering these days as I am looking for a new build, but what is mainly the technical differences between an 1080Ti of 850,- and (+)1150,- ? Is it really needed to get into the (+)1050,- price range?
  8. OMG, yeah!! We need more of these highly detailed asian sceneries!
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