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  1. What was your Tailwind on the flight? As a rule of thumb in the real airplane we (my airline) use the following profile calculation to check that the managed profile is relevant: 4* FL when above FL150. At FL200 and around 300KTIAS you should see 80Nm to run on the MCDU 3*FL plus 1NM per 10kts above 150Kts. Example: at FL100 and 250kts your track miles to run as read on the MCDU should be 40Nm. example: at FL400 your TOD should be at 160NM with no wind. More if tailwind (+/- 2NM/10kts of wind roughly ). If this calculation is within 20NM of the aircraft computed TOD, then the computed TOD is relevant. Therefore in your scenario if you had close to 100kts tailwind I would say 180NM TOD looks correct. The A330 is pretty "slippery" and is hard to decelerate so you don't want to get high on profile. In high workload environment I tend to use the following gates which are pretty conservative and are based on the profile calculations described above with nil wind: FL200 80NM FL150 60NM FL100 40NM 250Kts FL50 20NM at Green Dot 15nm 4500ft 180kts this should take you to intercept the ILS at 10nm, 3000ft, 180Kts. Speed will then be easily under control once in F2 and gear down. Disclaimer: I have not tested the Aerosoft A330 much as I bought it recently but I am mostly flying vintage airplanes on the sim at the moment.Make sure you get the descent winds in the MCDU so that the FM can compute an accurate descent profile.
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