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  1. I am unable to find the correct routing string to load a simbrief fltpln in to the FMS for CRJ Pro. The old string was C:\Users\Darrel\Documents\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ with Flightplans the correct folder. I tried a folder named FlightPlansPro, no help. Pls advise, unable to find the string in the docs folders.
  2. Are there any livery's released for P3DV4? Looking for a PAX airframe with US (N) registry. Appreciate any and all comments! darrel
  3. I've just completed my 5th flight on the 319. I'm an Airbus newbie, coming from years of Boeing's, Dash 8's and CRJ's, and decided very similar from going from Windows computers to Apples (a Mars Venus sort of thing.). However, had my best flight last night but with one recurring problem. On approach, everything goes great until final. The ILS Loc captures and the lateral path is established, the GS needle descends, but the aircraft fly's right through it. I then have to descend manually with the V/S control, which is no problem, the GS path is normally around a negative .06 or so. However this has happened multiple airport approaches, and I'm sure I am missing a setting or procedure. Any illumination on this topic would be appreciated! (And yes I am very careful to follow the procedures and watched several youtube videos). Regards darrel
  4. I planned a flight via SimBrief KSAN to KSFO in the A319 w Full PAX/1889kg cargo with alt KSMF, dist 89 nm. My fuel load in adv mode = 6.495 My fuel load simple mode = 7.482. Curious as to why the big difference (15% on this short flight)? Only thing I can think of is the simple mode gives an extra allowance of fuel to make up the distance to an unknown alternate. Note: After years of Airbus denials, the A3xxx series, coupled with the X56 flight system, is really challenging and fun to fly. Congrats on a great flt sim aircraft series. Tundrabum01
  5. Let me start this post by saying the Aerosoft CRJ is one of my favorite to fly. It's fun, challenging, and for one person, a real workload to fly correctly. My issue is the updates. This is the second time I installed an update where they do fix the problems they intend to fix; ie this time the pressurization, in my case seems to work ok. However, things that were working come back not working after the update. In this case it's Dave payload and fuel. I enter a value into either pax, cargo, or fuel, and (I timed it) I have less than 5 seconds before the value resets to default??? I finally figured out a workaround, just save the value in less than 5 seconds. Ok for pax, takes several attempts for cargo and fuel. I do understand, when your immersed in code and come back into the daylight, easy to assume no unintended consequences. But it took me less than a minute after starting to set up after the update to discover this issue. And if this issue is mine due to an install error, please disregard the above comments and tell me how to fix poor Dave :). Best Regards darrel
  6. A comment. This situation just happened to me, I was trying to follow the Tutorial as exact as I could, and on the Before Start Check 4.1.4, it clearly states 2. LDG ELEV..........................................................................................SET Overhead Panel Please dial in the landing elevation of your departure field (120 ft). In case you have to return after your take-off the correct altitude is already set. I was just passing Fl Lvl 230 and was getting ready to readjust my landing elevation when the DIFF PRESS alarm came on with no adjustment possible. So I will descend until the red light goes out. The tutorial check sounds good in real life, however this is a sim. Maybe put in a comment in the tutorial to address, or add some tweaks to the software to allow manual cabin alt adjustment. Regards Darrel
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