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  1. Hi, I have done some further investigations with default aircraft parked-up at EGPH(Edinburgh) and then Twin Otter at same location.I used a selection of VORs and found that one of the VORs I used produced an ident signal,needle change in both and in the Otter also filled in the panel details.I know some Vors do not have an audio signal but should still move the needle anyway. The GPS 530 does not have 'nrst' button unlike the default GPS 500.This button was very useful as it gives the capablities of each VOR.This 530 also seems not faciltate a manual flight plan entry-strange! I can now work-around the issues now that I know that some Vors are recognised.I can leave out the manual entry.So,consider matter closed.
  2. Hi, 1.I have read the remedies for the inoperative nav radio on this aircraft. I have unnistalled/installed.I have searched for the file 'quart.ttf. and it does not seem to be on my pc.The nav radio when tuned does not show any details,no needle movement and no aural ident.The comms are working.I have version v1.21 from flight sim store and there are no updates in my account there. 2.On the GPS pressing the FPL button always give me a direct to wpt to complete.Thus,there is no way to manually add a flight plan. Running W7. Regards, Anthony,
  3. Hi, I have installed the latest version-v1.8.3 rev 1. I now get splash screen with options for FSX and P3D.On choosing P3D I get just the programme options screen and statement that path C/Users/owner/appdata/roaming/LM/P3dv4/dll.xml cannot be found.I have looked at the path and the last file isn't there.Any ideas?
  4. I have now got P3D working again.Simstarter is still only picking up the FSX platform,though.I am using v1.6.4 rev12 as I am not confident about the new update(see above).
  5. Hi, I installed the above revision and then found on choosing the P3D platform that the P3D splashscreen appeared and then was stuck.It did not appear in Task Manager 'apps' but in 'processes' tab' and from there I could close P3D down.Also,it could not now be opened via the direct route of the P3D.exe.After numerous attempts I unistalled/.reinstalled P3D.The same problem occurs for the direct route but SimStarter now only shows the FSX platform.I have un/reinstalled this version and previous version but still only the FSX platform apears. Looking in Event Viewer there is no reference to P3D but always an error code about WMI and code no 0x80041003-see file. P3D wim error.txt Anthony
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