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  1. Ok, Secondator, thank-you very much for all your explanations. I think that now, all is clear in my mind and I will wait for the solution to come. Regards.
  2. I purchased the CRJ from the marketplace in March. So you say it is normal. OK, but why it wasn't the case (no files generated) since the beginning ? Does it mean you changed the code in last update 1.0.5 ? Why this depend on the provenance of the purchase ? This totally amazing to my eyes ?!? I found via the official MSFS forum a thread about a problem with actual last MSFS update 5. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/make-aerosoft-crj-flyable-again/431991 Which include a pdf file link for a solution: https://forum.aerosoft.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=164654&key=b2a0d92ae3102692429528ba24bda791 And coincidentally, this workaround say we must delete all these generated files and then activate the "Fast WASM Compilation" mode and run a flight with a CRJ. I tried this by curiosity, but still no files generated. In this case, what is doing this workaround ? Sorry to say but all this is really a big mess and I would love to read some clarifications. Thanks in forward. PS: By the way, I just found this workaround also mentioned here:
  3. Yes, I am using the Steam and no, I am not looking in a wrong place. My full path is: "...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages". I don't have any "KITTYHAWK" directory in my "Roaming" location !!! If you read more carefully my initial message, I say there that after having suppressed "aerosoft-crj" in the correct location and launched a flight with a CRJ aircraft, "I found a newly generated "aerosoft-crj", but WITHOUT any generated ".dll", ".lib", ".pdb" files inside", which obviously prove that I am looking in the correct location. I would really like to known if what I have described precisely: the generation of a new "aerosoft-crj" directory, with no generated files inside and only the sub-directory "work" is normal or not. Thanks in forward to let me know and tell me what shall I do in case it is abnormal. For your information, I made, of course, a backup of the initial "aerosoft-crj". So I would be able to revert my CRJ installation to the state before MSFS update 5. PS: Is maybe this strange behavior linked with the actual MSFS update 5 problem CRJ aircrafts encounter ?
  4. On the occasion of the last MSFS performance update, I have removed the directory "packages\aerosoft-crj", in the meaning to have a clean restart with CRJ's aircrafts. So, I expected a long first start, as mentioned in tips display, during loading, but I was surprised that the loading was not very long and when I checked in directory "packages", I found a newly generated "aerosoft-crj", but WITHOUT any generated ".dll", ".lib", ".pdb" files inside. Only the sub-directory "work" was generated. with all usual files inside. Does it mean perhaps, that these generated files are not more required/generated with the last 1.0.5 CRJ aircrafts and/or with the last MSFS update, or this mean there is a problem ? For your information, I can load perfectly both CRJ aircrafts versions, but I hadn't the time yet, to try to fly with them (just an cold & dark loading at gate). Thanks in forward for your help.
  5. Yes actually, the LNAV autopilot is really bad. On my experimental flight from LSGG-RWY04 to LFML-31R, my plan have to do a U-turn after takeoff. But the aircraft is not able to calculate the required radius to make the U-turn. It fly a much steeper turn, then want to go straight, but change its mind, start trying to catch the path and so on... Later on in the flight, it oscillate over the path almost 5-8 times, to be, more or less at last, able to follow the path. But, if wind conditions change abruptly, bingo, again problem to follow the path !!! It is now about on week (1 or 2 flight by day) I do this same training flight to lean this aircraft, but until now, except on time where I was probably extremely lucky, I wasn't able to conduct successfully, a full approach on the ILS path (with LOC and GS locked). Most of the time I miss the GS lock and this morning, for example, I was attentive to intercept first the LOC and be UNDER the GS at that point, but because I was focused on that, my speed was all wrong and even if the LOC interception occurred, here again, I had a lot of mad lateral oscillations, so, as usual, I had to take manual control much sooner than I wanted for my exercise. Yes, this aircraft is really challenging, but not having an auto-throttle is really a bit too much to my taste !
  6. I have just upgraded on the simmarket (content manager) to a version called 0.1.3 (?!?), which I suppose is the I have a tremendous FPS improvement (plus 8-10 FPS) on my relatively old PC (i7-7700 / GTX1080 / 16GB / full SATA III SSD). Already with the previous version, these 2 CRJ aircrafts were not generating much stutters, like some other airliner aircrafts do with their complex avionics. Now, it is a dream. Everything is smooth, even when panning (for example: turning to align on the runway), which is the worst case for the stutters. My only regret, is that it is not possible to save and restore a specific flight in any phases of a flight, so we can re-fly it for training purpose. I have already asked for that previously, but my message was closed lightning fast ! So, let me respectfully insist on this, because with such a complex simulation, this would really be useful and a great plus. Anyway, warm congratulations for your fantastic work !
  7. Glad to hear it is already known and sorry for the redondancy, but it is difficult to read all the past of a forum when you are new to it. Hope you will find a solution, esoecially for the cockpit cabin pressure management commands, which seem actually KO, almost in our case.
  8. To not have to restart my test flight, I have paused the simulation (pressing ESC) to go dinner. It was in the middle of my flight, at cruise flight level 28000. So the game was paused this way for about 1 hour. When I started back, I had two messages. One speaking about oxigen problem for the passenger cabin and an other one about cabin pressure. I switched to manual and was able te read a cabin altitude pressure of 24300 and a ratio of 300^. I tried to correct this using the commands, but apparently nothing worked. So I give up, because it was time to do my descent. I don't know it is the most appropriate forum for this feedback (sorry if not), but anyway, I hope it might help you.
  9. I know all this, but sorry, this is NOT AT ALL a real solution. It is just a poor alternative, which allow you to not restart from the very beginning. What I want, is to save my PARTICULAR flight with ALL MY PARTICULAR SETUPS, fightplan, etc... and continue my test journey from there. This is something I was doing with my PMDG MD-11, already in the time of FS9, so, it is just a matter of willing.
  10. I made two MSFS save's with the meaning to be able to restart my training flight from different states. Made one just before takoff and the second just after reaching cruise level. Unfortunately, when trying to restore them, I got a "cold & dark" cockpit (my default setup), on the correct save location (so even in the sky). So, apparently, to save & restore a flight is actually not supported or did't I miss something ? This is really sad, because with such a complex aircraft, having the opportunity to save & restore to redo specific parts of a flight, for obvious training purpose, would be really usefull, to not say mandatory. Are-you going to implement that ?
  11. Nevertheless, to my humble opinion, I think these CRJ aircrafts must support ingame flightplans too. Even with an option that allow the plan to be automatically loaded on flight start, like it behave, for example, with the A32NX made by FBW. In French, we say: who can the more can the less ! No need to be elitist and force the user to be skilled like a pro ! To my humble view, such a pro AAA addon, should allow a progressive learning curve. Maybe when you start, with simulation or even simply with CRJ aircraft, you will be happy to have this part automatically done ! A bit like it is already the case actually, with the FlyPad with allow loading differents aircraft states. Why not to have a button here to enter the ingame flightplan ? The usage of a different database is also problematic, because it will, for sure, lead to flightplan incompatibilities !
  12. Was is really sad and surprising for such an AAA high level aircraft is that it does not support the official MSFS reverser functionnality. In MSFS you have a reverser variable which is used with 2 buttons function. "HOLD THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST" will set to ON reverser variable only as long as the button is pressed and "TOGGLE THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST" will invert the state of this variable, each time the button is pressed. When this variable is ON, the normal throttle axis will command the amount of reverse thrust. When OFF, the throttle behave normally. On my MSFS, I have binded "HOLD THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST" on a button of my Thrustmaster sidestick and to control the reverse after landing, I keep pressed this button, while setting the amount of reverse thrust I want with the ordinary throttle command on my sidesick (I don't use nor have a pedals device). I would really love to be able to do the same with my two CRJ ! Please, Aerosoft, improve your reverse functionnalities to support MSFS reverser variable and therefore, allowing such kind of settings ! PS: in the waiting of better days, I have solved the CRJ reverser problem by binding ANOTHER FREE sidestick button to the MSFS "DECREASE THROTTLE" function. This way, when I click this button, with throttle fully OFF, I obtain full reverse and when I use the throttle again, even for a small amount, immediately the reverser close. Unfortunately this solution do not allow to choose or modulate the amount of reverse thrust you want.
  13. I didn't knew that, this will be useful not only on this airport, but also in Basel. ATC sent me on F4A, a real punishment !!! LOL !!! Thanks for the info !
  14. Just bought ingame your beautiful EDDK airport scenery and was surprised to see that several jetways are missing on terminal D. I couldn't believe that this was a scenery bug, so I loaded Google Earth and see there, that in the reality, these jetways are effectively missing ! Amazing !!! Can somebody explain to me why ? Are they planned to be intalled in the futur ? Now, speaking of the simulator itself, are these gates disabled, so that we are not allocated to one of them after landing by the ATC ? In the real world, are these gates also not in use ? Any informations on this matter is very welcome ! Thanks in forward.
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