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  1. Sorry if am diverting further away the topic and delete if inappropriate. I honestly believe they will go for the A340 . The A333 and A340 has a lot in common, the fuselage,the tail,the wings span,the cockpit apart from performance,load,fuel consumption and the 4 engine configuration , i would say its pretty much the same aircraft and even though still lot of work would be required, it won't be as much as investing into a350 and a380 without ruling out possibility of an eventual release for both. The logical step would obviously escalate to a340, I think this is how the airbus family should progress. I'm in haste for friday previews of the beautiful a340.
  2. I know for a fact that its heard in cabin. Not sure about the cockpit. but i think the pilot somehow hears it too. I will do my research on this and come back.
  3. Hi guys i have a tender request, i would like to know if you could simulate the cute low chime sound just after take off. I think its lovely. And adding some cabin announcement would be really cool too since you're working on the immersion aspect. thank you
  4. Hello guys, please don't hate on me for asking this but could the aerosoft a330 be coming to x-plane 11 one day ? Thank you
  5. The modelling is just perfect but i don't want this plane to be an amusement arcade, you have been putting a lot of efforts into this and i hope this plane will be undergoing constant development, the a318 research edition gave hope that aerosoft could enhance their product even when no one could expect. Plz make this product great so that even a330 pilots would be proud and impressed by this and i know you can do it. Keep up the good work Have a nice week end guys.
  6. Hello guys, sorry if this has been answered before but allow me to ask you this, will the a330 include speed constraints and will it have most of the ecam messages and readings because one of the thing i will attempt to do when i'll have this babe will be simulating double engine failure and fuel leak, one last thing if am not already asking too much, how is the Fly by wire system ?
  7. Just look at these a330 windshield, looks like its fixing its gaze at you, the face of the a330/340 looks so sexy, it landing its stare at me have my power and pride stripped off from me, its eyes are piercing through me while i know the beast is inoffensive and innocent, they make my nipples hard, there isn't a day that goes without me thinking and eagerly awaiting for the aerosoft a330, if it was a living being, i would surely marry her, i can't wait to get my hands on this baby. Thank you steffan and all the team. Have a good week end !
  8. These previews are mouth watering. hope an a340-300 will follow (runs away !!!)
  9. Epic response from aerosoft, these bbs people have indeed cut a very sorry figure for themselves, wonder where will these pretentious developers hide their head when the a330 is released. I don't wish them any bad but they are causing their own downfall with the way they treat their customers and the way they deal with their competitors. BBS is simply out of Aerosoft league. Bravo Mathis (clap hands) !!!
  10. Very nice, would be cool if we could have wiring visible on the landing gears. And also if we could have 4k texture and if possible matte finish on the fuselage though i doubt whether fsx/p3d have that technology . Hope am not too demanding
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