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  1. Go Go Go!!! Hope all goes well, looking forward to it. Kind regards Jorik
  2. Yea, great to see some progress. Keep this project going. It'll be amazing in the end!
  3. Nice to hear about the updates! Thanks for the great work. Kind regards, Jorik
  4. Amazing work! Keep it coming Kind regards, Jorik
  5. As long as this keeps our FS running smooth. The current EBBR is a disaster in that part Kind regards, Jorik
  6. Really nice! Nice details in there. Can't wait. Keep up the the great work! Kind regards, Jorik
  7. I just found a picture of the hangar in the building face on the Facebook of Abelag company. The picture dates from 12 september 2012 and shows the hangar frame and the entrance gate (to the left of the picture) between the old and new hangar. So we are sure this building is used by Abelag. Kind regards Jorik
  8. It seems to me that this is a new building from the Abelag company. Here is a news item from their website The building to the left is also from Abelag and is on all my old photo's from the years 2009 and 2010. The street view photos are from 2010 so the this building must be the one from the news item. I hope to get some info from inside Abelag in a few days. Kind regards Jorik
  9. Keep up the amazing work there! Kind regards, Jorik
  10. Wow, Nice progress. Looking amazing. Kind regards, Jorik
  11. Hi there, on the website of AWG I noticed soms xplane scenerys. So AWG has experience on xpl. Could this mean there will be an Xpl version? Kind regards Jorik Sent from my Windows Phone 8X by HTC using Tapatalk
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