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  1. Positive. But then of course it came out pretty quickly after release. Now my A320 and A321 only has 8.33 spaced freq in the standby. No mather which state or how many times I switch from C&D to any other.
  2. With latest experimental I cannot set the standby frequency to a 25kHz spaced frequency. It's stuck on 8.33 My guess is that this is know, since I had the problems on and off on the 318/319. But just wanted to file a report for the 320/321 as well.
  3. Yep, just noticed this myself. If you skip one item in the check list progress. That text sticks to the green text bar and the check list window
  4. I experienced the same issue. After landing, during the checklist where the FO is supposed to turn the seat belt sign off, something makes the button rapidly stick to both on and auto, flipping in between. You can't move it yourself and the only option is to disable the FO and turn the switch to off.
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