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  1. I already know that from the FS x, of course tried for a long time ... :-) I found the solution ... completely uninstalled, newer Video card driver installed, complete new installation P3D4 including Airbus and Scenery It runs!!! I will check the systems through Thanks for the quick help
  2. Dear Mathijs Thanks for your feedback. I can not even activate the Dark function, because the whole system has no power and I can not activate in the overhead ext.pwr, no battery function no APU start possible, this has always worked in the old version with FSX. I have now switched to Prepared Verse 4.4 and completely disappointed because I can not activate the Airbus. The Prepared is fresh from Lokheed and the Airbus has just been downloaded from Aerosoft in the newest version. I'm still trying to get an experimental version via Aerosoft updater apparently there is the version but I can not find it anywhere. Do you have another idea? http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/881-whats-not-completed-what-are-we-working-on/ checked .... Hartelijke Groetjes van Basel René by the way parking Brake is set...
  3. Hallo Zusammen Bei mir sieht es nach Neuinstallation von P3D Version 4.4 der frisch von Aerosoft runter geladene A318/A319 macht Probleme Overhead Panel teilweise ohne Funktion ein paar Schalter gehen, kann aber keinen ext. Power, Batterie starten MCDU sieht wie auf folgendem Screenshot aus: In der Hilfe nichts gefunden, im Forum diesbezüglich nur alte Posts mit Version 3 wurde alles mit admin Rechten installiert, was muss ich tun? Ich danke für ein Feedback System: i7-4790 4.00 GHz HD SSD Frafik GTX 960 16 GB RAM
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