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  1. I bought the disc for this aircraft a short while ago since when the screen has frozen on me four times, always when the aircraft is cruising at 220 knots, with the GPS on. This last occasion it was accompanied by a loud clicking noise from what appeared to be the screen. I regularly fly more complex aircraft such as the Meridian, Queen of the Skys 747. and PMDG 737Ng without problems. I can't say I'm overly impressed with the 1900 but any advice would be appreciated
  2. Thank you to Koen an OSU who replied to my post about my inability to fire the cannon on the A10. It was the brake which iniated the firing but not the "." key, but the toe brakes on my pedals. Quite a neat way to fire the cannon I think. Thanks again.
  3. Having recently purchased the A10 CD I"m disappointed in not being able to fire the cannon. The manual says a joystick trigger fires the gun. I use the CH Yoke that doesn't provide for a gun trigger' and my examination of FS9 keyboards assignments doesn't have an event for weapons or guns to which you could assign a keyboard button. I should be grateful for any help. Alan Chadwick
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