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  1. Salve, questo simulatore funziona con il volantino della loogiteck G25? Se esisteno istruzioni in italiano, io non riesco ad entrare al posto di guida. Grazie
  2. Edit:I always had mails from you.This is not the first time i wanted my password.I checked spam as well.Nothing yet. I repeat, the new password doesn't arrive. robertcann@tin.it is the email with which I have made the meiis you purchase. look : Welcome, Please Sign In How to buy and install: - Buying is simple, just add the product to your cart and fill in the credit card details or the required PayPal information. - The page where you will see the confirmation of payment will also display a download link. Download AND SAVE this file to a secure location; - While you
  3. Hi I forgot my password in shop addons .I wanted my pass to be sent to my email but it passed more then 24 hours and still nothing received.I tried for more then 4-5 times. Regards, robertcann@tin.it
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