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    AES Repaints for ZSPD (Shanghai Pudong Int'l) YOU HAVE TO HAVE ZSPD BY IMAGINE SIM AND ACTIVE IT IN AES HELP V1.0 - 2016/2/3: first version including Vehicles: VN-02-01 - Bus 1 Long (China Eastern) VN-02-02 - Bus 2 Short (China Eastern) VN-02-03 - Bus Neoplan (China Eastern VIP) VN-03-01 - Stair open small (China Eastern) VN-03-02 - Stair open big (China Eastern) VN-06-10 - Followme Vito (China Eastern) VN-07-01 - Catering 01 Half Cabin (China Eastern Catering) VN-07-02 - Catering 02 Low Cabin (Gate Gourmet) VN-07-03 - Catering 03 std Cabin (Gate Gourmet) VN-07-04 - Catering 04 A380 (China Eastern Catering) VN-07-30 - DeIceing (China Eastern) screenshots: For more information about installation, please download the file and read the readme.txt If you have any other questions, mail me: mic1213@hotmail.com Enjoy~ Wenjun Chow 2016/2/3
  2. China southern airlines A330-300 A330-200
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