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  1. Ok, so I got fed up with the Dovetail version of the Fighting Falcon and repurchased it direct from Aerosoft, but once I installed it in game, only three of the liveries are showing up in the select aircraft list in FSX:SE.
  2. nevermind, i found the installer, but the link on the forum is still dead.
  3. Hi, I've had to reinstall the steam edition of the falcon, but I lost the file that gives you the extra models and liveries and the link in the press release is broken, can someone help me?
  4. I just bought the Seahawk/Jayhawk today, and have the same issue in FSX:SE. Although it's my understanding that FSX is still run in 32bit, so I'm not sure that's the problem. Edit: somehow, cycling through the VC views in the Jayhawk seemed to jumpstart the gauges, we'll see if they keep working.
  5. thanks, that seems to be the case, tapping F4 again seems to get the cat to work.
  6. yeah, it threw me off that the version number was the same, but it seems to work. I'll definitely buy direct from here next time. I've also had trouble with Aerosoft stuff on Steam.
  7. Now that I seem to have solved the other issue, I've run into another problem. The cat officer doesn't seem to see the big plumes of fire shooting out the back of my jet. I bring the TF-30s up to afterburner, to get ready for launch, but I still get a warning to turn on the burners. Even if I use the Afterburner/Concorde Reheat key command, it still tells me they're not on. The B of course seems to be fine as long as they're over 90%
  8. Ok, I reinstalled from the version in the "updates" section here, and the aircraft appears to be working properly. FSPilotshop must not have the correct build, even though the version number is the same.
  9. it still doesn't work. As I mentioned in my own thread and the support ticket, when you kneel the nose strut with either the cockpit switch or the CTRL+W toggle water rudder command, it goes down part way and then immediately reverses to the default position. Using CTRL+I results in an endless loop of the aircraft kneeling and then popping back up.
  10. Thank you, I am having the same issue, if there is a hotfix that would be a great help
  11. I had steam verify the integrity of the install, and it reacquired a bunch of files, but I still cannot launch the F-14 off a carrier. I really hope this can be fixed. The Acceleration compatibility was the main reason I purchased this aircraft, since the IRIS Tomcat is not Acceleration ready. Since the custom system doesn't seem to work, is there a way to rig it to work with the default Acceleration commands?
  12. I also tested it on SBD's Enterprise, it still will not stay kneeled.
  13. I tried their solution and still wasn't able to get it to work. The Acceleration F-18 works fine off the Kitty Hawk, so I know it's not a problem with acceleration.
  14. I'm running FSX:Steam Edition, I've never heard of EZdock2, is that a requirement?
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