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  1. Thanks Dave for all your help. Best wishes to you and your family. Shane
  2. Hello Dave I created new saved flights with 1.2.4 The saved flight will only work if i restart p3d. That takes a while. Kind regards Shane
  3. With version 1.2.4, I can only load a saved flight(that starts correctly) if I restart p3d. I have tried switching to the default F22 before loading the saved flight. I'm om p3d v 4.5. A320 Easyjet. Can anyone please confirm if this problem exists with their setup. The flight loads but is does not respond to any commands- keyboard, mouse or joystick. The newspaper and coffee keep appearing and disappearing. Kind regards Shane
  4. That issue is solved. But another issue has come up. I will start a new post for that. Kind regards Shane
  5. Is the above problem solved with version non experimental? I had to revert to 1.2.3 to stop the CTD. Thanks Kind regards Shane Sorry I mean't 1.2.4 Shane
  6. What I meant was if I could get the files for and reinstall. Thanks Kind regards Shane
  7. I don't use CFD. Anyway to go back to That worked fine. Kind regards Shane
  8. Tried with the hotfix. No joy. The problem still exists. Same aircraft Kind regards Shane
  9. Oops sorry. It was the A321 Finnair cfm with sharklets. Kind regards Shane
  10. Can I confirm that Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll causes a CTD. Not from switching complex aircraft but also when switching to the default F22. It also causes a CTD when loading a saved flight (same airbus aircraft) to practice the landing again. This was not happening before the update Kind regards Shane
  11. After updating to the glideslope indicators have disappeared on the PFD. First happened while flying online into EHAM. The plane A319 Easyjet descended as normal but the indicators were missing. Attached 2 images from later flights different aircraft. It was Ok before this last update. Kind regards Shane
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