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  1. Sounds about right, that and the fact I didn't open the isolation valve...go me. Fingers crossed I'll remember that for my next outing.
  2. Ended up caving and buying the addon (plus a few airports). Best decision I've ever made. Other than the fact the cabin didn't want to pressurise on my end (nor did it want to heat up lmao, looks like it's another read of the manual for me), it was nothing short of a joy to fly. Looking forward to the rest of the countless flight hours I'll gain in it...
  3. I know this is a bit of a strange request, but some more US legacy-subcontractor combos would be nice (like United Express/SkyWest), just for sake of completeness. I'd imagine someone's already working on "fleet packs" if you will but I just thought I'd whack this request in anyhow. Thanks in advance ^^
  4. Likewise, on a clear day, I'd imagine that's nothing short of stunning
  5. Welp, Drzewiecki just dropped KDCA for the sim. Looks like there'll be a conga line of CRJs doing River Visuals on VATSIM over the next few weeks...
  6. Awesome, that'll be super handy for both myself and a lot of others here. Very comprehensive as always.
  7. They're making secondary schoolers return to school here now as well, thankfully only with negative COVID tests. I'm in university and every uni does it differently. I study civil engineering so they thought my course could be done all online in the first year; if I was to study something like medicine, I'd have one in-person session a week I think. And yeah, definitely looking forward to seeing you around dude
  8. Advantages of online learning: mute mic, attend lecture on laptop, watch vids on PC. Sorted. It's been a blast contributing to the ever growing page count of this topic. Definitely loved sharing the hype with others and getting over my anxiety of using forums, and speaking to some top people in the process. All in all a very good introduction to flight simming (never had the money for it beforehand). I'll hopefully be around a few more threads in the near future. edit: won't be picking up the CRJ just yet sadly, I've exams next week and I don't need an awesome-looking airliner to distract me even more from my revision!
  9. And according to Zulu time, it is release day, my dudes.
  10. Paderborn was tuned into ADF1, not ADF2 like you said at 5:50. Might be a mishear but still...
  11. Ehhh it is a bit, but it's just about manageable. I speak German at home as that seems to be the language that breaks all barriers. Sadly lost ground on my Polish and I've been meaning to relearn it for years now.
  12. Hahaha fair play mate ^^ I'm from that lonely European island of Great Britain, but have Lebanese and Polish parents and German roots myself. A man of many cultures
  13. At a guess, Gander/Thunder Bay and Keflavik for UK delivery flights. Those further afield end up making a stop elsewhere in the UK, usually Glasgow or Prestwick if I recall correctly.
  14. Definitely sounds like a good idea, a lot of the US RJ routes are in-and-out short turnaround ops so it'd definitely be something nice to do. Wish I had the time and energy to do that nowadays, didn't really imagine that attending university from a laptop screen would be this exhausting!
  15. Ironically that's where I got the aforementioned Syracuse routes from, it's super handy especially now when there are far fewer flights than there normally would be.
  16. Awesome! I've never been across the Atlantic myself so Flight Sim is really my first venture into that part of the world. Syracuse looks like a really nice airport to fly into too. KTEB would be pretty cool aye, bet the controllers there have a whale of a time trying to slot everything in!
  17. Just noticed this dropped as well and thought it may be of interest, Syracuse Hancock Intl (KSYR). Looks like it has quite a few CRJ550/700 flights into/out of there from O'Hare, Charlotte, JFK, LaGuardia and Detroit. Might end up picking it up along with the CRJ... https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/kontinente-szenerien/nordamerika/3381/sierrasim-simulation-ksyr-syracuse-hancock-international-airport-msfs?c=1610
  18. Likewise, fairly sure I've thrown my hat into that ring a few weeks back but just reiterating my position now before release
  19. Bold of you to assume I'll have an F5 key after today...
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