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  1. Hi Capt. PERO Thanks for the feedback, Sorry didn’t see the " Subforums How To"....(may need new glasses). but this is probably a very good sign since I have been using simstarter for 4 years now (in use almost every week). and had almost zero issues. (Which mean I am very seldom in this forum.🙂) . Couple of suggest: - Would be nice if release notes had been included in sw pgk and download link from Aerosoft. - If upgrade path has been mention/confirmed in release notes or maybe added the link "how to" in release notes. But Let me mention/confirm what a great and outstanding tool for P3D, it fix so many issues and make the startup a dream with all its functions and customizations and possibilities 🙂🙂. Brgds S. Ols
  2. Hi, Just downloaded latest simstarter v1.9.3 rev. 9, but no instruction as fare I can see so was wondering it there is a upgrade help-guide or a how to please. I have currently v1.8.7 rev1 and want to upgrade to v1.9.3 rev9. Some questions: - do I need to uninstalled previus ver first. - Or can I just run the full/new installer on top of old version. Please avdvise Brgds S.Ols
  3. Hi Capt Pero, Deleted all in line 1 except this part " <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>" Issue solved 🙂 Thanks for quick help and advise, * case can be closed. Brgds S.
  4. Hi Capt. Pero, Great thanks for quick reply. Complete line or leave last intact "šÃ‚¿<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>" ? (* how has this entre my dll.xml on a newly installed computer, some other addons created this "crap"?) Have a great day, Brgds S.
  5. Hi, I have just reinstall my computer with a fresh win10 installation and installed P3Dv4.3 plus some addons all fine so fare, then I installed my Simstarter NG(v1853) which also went fine. But now when I try to start "simstarter NG" for first time it crash with this error message below: CRITICAL ERROR: currupt file < c:/C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4/dll.xml > Error Data at the root level is invalid. line 1 posistion 1" *See also uploaded screendump and my attached file called dll.xml. * I can see some strange are in line one :-).....should I just remove it save file and try again ? (if this first line are just rubbish how in "heck" did it get in there ?) Please advise :-) Brgds S. error msg during startup.bmp dll.xml
  6. Hi, Not sure what went wrong, but tried to deinstalled SimstarterNG and then installed it again. Now the update prosess went fine. Case closed. Brgds S.O
  7. Hi, SimstarterNG v1.8.0 get stucked during update to 1.8.1 rev 15, please see screendump of the progress bar below, (just hang with this "progess-bar" for more than 1 hour) Please advise, brgds Søren
  8. Hi, I have same issue, are there any solution to this or more hint ? (for me this was a major advantage for this product, so I hope this can be fix somehow) brgsd Søren
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