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  1. First possibly apologies, my previous post was on the updater forum which may have been the incorrect one. But I have a conundrum. What I wish to comment on is the latest Honeycombe software update . When I clicked on the updater logo on my task bar the Updater screen appeared and successfully downloaded the update for the Alpha Flight control. So, in forum terms should the Alpha Flight control go through the Updater or the hardware/Os systems forum or should it be split into two, if something breaks , mounting difficulties etc. to the hardware forums and if an update fails to the updater forums? Or, perhaps all the breakages and breakdowns go direct to Honeycomb and only software related problems come to yourself on the updater, and if so, a note to that effect go on the front of the general discussions index? Between this and my other post I think that I have solved the question but some thought to that above may help direct others more accurately and save some unproductive work in you having to move posts. bobby70
  2. Hi all --thanks for the latest update which I have now installed and seems to work OK. Question . On the updater page on the banner heading for Aerosoft, between the aircraft tail and the logo, it still shows that I have version v1.3.0.2. Should this have changed to bobby 70
  3. Hi Eric /Raphael ---I think that the "problem" is that of the in putter having to be, not surprisingl,y exacting (and no reflection intended Raphael on the error) in the input and the saving and activation of the profile . I see that there are a couple of ways on the net that are advised and I have been doing mine by ,--ensure that you clear all the Events that you are going to map off the P3Dv4 options /key assignments before entering each new values into the Yoke profile,saving and activating each one before going onto the next one. Clearly I was not exacting enough. However, I now know that you can assign all of these buttons for A2A planes directly either/and through their aircraft configurator or the P3D key assignments box. However having got this far in something that I have not been into before I will await the new profiles and give it another go (thanks Raphael) and the delete button to enable me to tidy up my box! It is not exactly how I want it to work but is OK, doesn't stop me flying and nearly all of the inputs that are working are good for the Comanche as well. Having now had some decent flying time with this new yoke, I cannot believe what a difference this has made. What little RW flying that I have done is in a Robin 400 so do not have any comparison with those people who comment adversely on the pitch axis being too strong but I would call it "positive" and find it no problem at all. Compared to my old Saitek (I am not knocking it as it did me well for a good number of years and never let me down) landing even the Bonanza in the last bit of the flare is a doddle and with that extra rotation I find that standard rate turns are much easier to hold. As an added benefit , having lost my PS 2 connection for the TPM I went out and bought another one (from Currys,PC World would you believe)with a USB and now realise how spiky and sloppy that had got as well. First time that I have been on this forum and I am impressed and grateful for the quick responses and help. Many thanks Bobby
  4. Hi Raphael------thanks for your response and the version I have is 4.4.16. 27077 with a Sim Connect version of I have now redone the profile, starting from scratch, and all the lights now work OK . In the process it was not the Nav light this time but the BCN light which would not work at all . Now all solved on the lights front, so guess it must be finger trouble (or eyesight!). BUT--( as always) I am trying to transpose the Ap Disconnect from button 4 on the template to button 1 (I prefer to use the button 4 for the gear) and even loading the supplied template of the Bonanza and using Button 4, I cannot get a response from the button on the yoke in the sim. Error here? Can I transpose these values between buttons or do I need another value like K:???. And, what I now have is several Bonanza profiles (all numbered) in the load profile box, some of which are clearly half baked by my previous botched efforts, and I cannot find a way to delete those to avoid any possible confusion with them being loaded when I finally get this sorted. More finger trouble on my part? If this is an Aerosoft problem at present, would it be possible to include a delete box next to the load box on the Load profile box at the bottom? Or perhaps give me a clue if I am missing something here. Probably. Bobby
  5. Hi Mathijs and Ben for your prompt replies and help. Maththijs, yes but no luck and Ben , good news . Is this likely to be a "hot fix" or will it take some time for things to be resolved? I do not have any third party apps, only the SDK Event ID. Is there somewhere I could be looking to set the template up myself as I shall also want them for the other A2A aircraft as well? Thanks Bobby
  6. I do not know if this is the correct place to post this but I believe that Aerosoft provided the software for the key binding for the above for P3Dv4. I cannot find a section on your forums that might be dedicated to this. Is there/going to be one? I must say that the yoke is magic and adds a new realistic feel to my flying after my ageing Saitek. I am particularly interested in the template for the A2A Bonanza. Most of it works but I cannot get the Nav Lights to function off/on correctly, even trying to change the true /false around or substituting the SDK Event ID directly. Has anyone else had the same problem or have I just got "finger trouble"? An error in the template? I have looked on the forum for Honeycomb and can find nothing there. If this is the wrong place to post perhaps you can advise me accordingly. Bobby
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