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  1. @Jan Depenbusch @Heinz Flichtbeil due to cange of my GPU GTX980 to GTX1070ti and shadercash refreshment, I do reach 20-40 FPT in average. see log as well tnx Log.txt
  2. today I changed my GTX980 to the GTX 1070 ti. Same result, 15- maximum 21 FPF lowest setting on stand D12 ­čś×
  3. @Heinz Flichtbeil thank you
  4. @Heinz Flichtbeil did all of that u suggested with no success. yes, GTX980 has only 4GB but I do not have any issue with massive addons like ORBX True Earth GB / Aerosoft London. I assume, the moving doors and passengers are impacting. Any option to disable those?
  5. GPU: 1 GB VRAM, DirectX 11 is the reqierement not 8GB my friend......
  6. @Jude my CPU is overclocket to 4.4 GhZ, flying many addons in XP but no situation with that result on FPS like this airport here
  7. Hi, even with lowest scenery settings with the tool my frames are down to 12 FPS. Any idea? tnx
  8. Tom, the two templates are in *.PER format which my PFPX can not read. How to extract them?
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