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  1. FWIW - I noticed the same thing on a flight tonight as well. Also using ASP4.
  2. On the same subject of the seatbelt sign at 10,000 feet while climbing.... Can the seatbelt sign setting just be removed from the checklist at that point? The PED switch is fine, but being forced to turn off the seatbelt sign at 10,000 feet while in some nasty turbulence would lead to injuries and lawsuits in real life i'd think
  3. Really doesn't have anything to do with GSX... For me, whenever I open or close any of the doors, FSX sees the status of ONLY the MAIN DOOR toggle.... So when I use Dave to open the main door, FSX sees the main door toggle OPEN. Then i'll use Dave to open the cargo door, and while the animation shows the cargo door open, FSX sees the status of the MAIN DOOR toggle CLOSED. Then i'll open the second cargo door, the cargo door will animate open, and FSX shows the main door is being toggled OPEN. Then i'll open the service door from Dave, the service door will animate open, and FSX will show the status of the MAIN DOOR toggle CLOSED. People keep reporting this as a GSX error, but it's just that GSX doesn't see the status of the door its looking for changing, because (for me anyway), ONLY the main door status is changing in the sim..... Been that way from the start, only originally I could just hit the "open" or "closed" button a second time to toggle the main door to where it should be (I believe that may have been removed from 1.01??). Setting GSX to "ignore" the exits works around this, but it still doesn't fix just the main door being toggled within the sim.... Again, at least for me....
  4. Did you install the C++ files as was mentioned? Find your main FSX folder, then go to: Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\SupportFile Assuming you're on a 64-bit operating system, run the two "VS2015_vcredist" files you see in there to install them. After that, if it still doesn't work, then do a Windows update and see if there are any C++ updates for the files you just installed (they occasionally update them). Hope that helps!
  5. I've mentioned this in another topic too, but part of the problem is that "Dave" isn't actually opening the cargo doors internally in FSX. It's running the door animations on the aircraft model just fine, but for me (FSX:SP2) it's only toggling the MAIN exit internally to FSX (exit 0). Thus internally with FSX, GSX doesn't see the cargo door as "open" because Dave doesn't actually open FSX exit 1 or 2 (just FSX exit 0 for all exit buttons). That's why you have to set the GSX files to ignore the exits. What's real odd, is that using the FSX exits (Shift-E + 2,3,etc) ALSO does the same thing - ie, it runs the correct animation, but ONLY controls the main exit internally. Since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words - here is a screenshot Note FSX is saying "exit closed" (it ONLY displays those messages when the main exit - exit.0 - is toggled). It was captured while I was OPENING the rear cargo door. Note the door is opening in the back. Note also the main exit on the model is completely open, as are the two forward cargo doors. Realistically - what it probably should be doing is not actually messing with FSX exits at all for the cargo and service doors, and GSX should probably be looking at an internal variable to the A/C rather than the FSX exits. Of course, that's only my unsolicited opinion and should be taken as no more than that
  6. D'oh! Just realized I should have opened this in the "Manual Flight, Auto Flight, etc" sub-section of the forum and not the "General Support" section... Not sure if someone can move it there?? Sorry 'bout that!
  7. Have been doing some quick test jumps around KSLC just to try the aircraft out. Not setting up the FMS or anything like that, just using Dave to set the correct fuel level so i'm not overweight, setting the flaps, and heading off to the sky However, with the Flight Director ON but the Autopilot itself OFF, the FD cue (using single cue) is doing something rather odd when selecting the HDG function. Basically, if I drift a bit off course or select a new heading, it seems to be commanding I roll the wrong way to get back on course. I have a screenshot that shows this - note the location of the heading bug, and where the FD is commanding me to go. Now, when the AP is ON, it works fine - it's just under manual control when using the FD for guidance that I am seeing this issue. In the attached screenshot, HDG mode is selected, ALT is selected, the FD is on, and the AP is off. Though the NAV source is FMS1 in the screenshot, I have tried other NAV sources and the same thing is happening. Have also tried loading straight from the Free Flight screen in FSX as well as starting with a default plane first (I always restart FSX between tests ). Not a show stopper - but very annoying (I also won't rule out I could be doing something wrong or that this is some quirk of the real A/C).
  8. One that came with the latest installers. Not sure what that would affect what Dave is doing with the FSX doors though, but who knows
  9. Actually, what i'm seeing happen is that whenever i'm clicking the main exit or any of the cargo doors, FSX (SP2) shows the main exit is opening or closing. IE, i'll open the main exit, FSX says main exit opening. I'll open cargo door 1, and FSX says main exit closing, etc. Note the animations on the model are working exactly as the buttons on Dave show they should be, it's just FSX is only registering the main exit opening or closing and not the cargo doors... Note so far I've only tried the CRJ700 so I can't comment on the 900 yet. Needless to say, GSX isn't liking this (Note if I hit "open" again in Dave on the already open main exit, it will also toggle the main exit in FSX, so I can at least get THAT in sync ).
  10. Not really sure if this affects anything or not, but I am curious why the installation of the CRJ puts "Aerosoft\Flight Recorder\AS-FlightRecorder.dll" into the EXE.XML of FSX and FSX:SE? Wouldn't that actually go in the DLL.XML as it does in the AS Airbus (of course I already have it in the dll.xml from Airbus, sooo ). Also, seeing documentation in my Start menu (or whatever it's called in Win 10) only in the FSX:SE install, not in straight FSX install though. As I installed the straight FSX first, I didn't even know documentation showed up in the program group in the Start menu until I installed it into FSX:SE. These both happened with both and Nothing serious or anything of course, just... odd
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