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  1. Thank you for the suggestion of the VPN. It worked flawlessly.
  2. It stopped after close to 2gb - failed. I will now try a VPN and see if this can do it.
  3. From Canada. That may be the case but the fact of the matter is I've rarely had this problem with Aerosoft except for the last few days on a chronic basis. Further, I've rarely had this problem from any other place. So whatever is going on certainly reflects poorly. I'm trying again 8 hours after the last time. I have a very fast download speed and I'm looking at it a few minutes after I've typed this and it's finally in the gb range (1.2 gb) and climbing. So hopefully this will be the day.
  4. Over 2 hours and counting with failed downloads. I think you guys should start thinking about another provider.
  5. Heaven's sake's. Ive bought three sceneries in the last two days.. The first one finally successful several hours later. Today, the first was a failed. Then finally downloaded. I purchased Antartica and so far starts downloading then fails. Has does this twice now in an hour.
  6. Tried several times and fails after it downloads a bit. Going to leave this for now and come back this evening.
  7. It starts to download then fails. Is that clear enough for you?
  8. Just bought Madrid prof. today. Tried several times to download. No go. Looks like more server problems.
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