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  1. This is my first post with a lot of problems/symptoms, so it's going to be long. First thanks for clarifying on/off switch is the close button. problem #1 gone. Next I downloaded flight calc. and acrobat 6.0.2, printed out the manual, clicked on the icon, brought up the calculator, said "yea, I'm in!". The next thing I did was bad. I deleted the ZIP download. The calculator doesn't work and I want to reinstall it. If I download another copy do I have to pay for it again? Back to the calculator... I can get no menu or numbers in the scratchpad. I can get a click on the MODE button and I can get a little green light at the end of lines 1-3. That is all the operation I have. That's the GOOD news. Calculator only appears on the desktop. I have to [CLT]+[tab] out of FS9 to see it. I can't get the transparent mode. This is the real zinger... ALL my aircraft have lost the display in the A/P and radio stack. I checked and reset the default settings. This just moved me to Seattle with the same malfunctions. I am using windows XP and bought the unregistered version because I had changed FSUIPC when I downloaded another add-on. I'm tempted to reinstall FS9 but don't want to lose some of the downloads I've paid for. Well, that should be enough to get you scratching your heads... Oh by the way, your forum set-up is really good. I have read some really great and professional answers to other problems. A good team.
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