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  1. Hi Frafty, the problem with the rapidly droping magenta ball on enganging a managed descent pested many of us since the release. There must be a number of threads from Sept/Oct (with a lot of people reporting the same problem) and if my memory serves me correctly Aerosoft stated finally that they are able to recreate it on a machine now (in October 2018). Unfortunately only the aggressive climb was fixed and the descent optimized but this particular problem has never been adressed/fixed. I still have it and had it with all versions thats why I simply don't use the bus. It's a shame but it is what it is - maybe in future this will also be adressed. br
  2. got that point - you certainly are overwhelmed sometimes with things which would be easily solveable on user side by just rtfm or with a little bit more carefulness. In that regard the 5-10 users will probably not be the best indication - it's more than that like reports on different plattforms how the problem is reported and by whom etc. .... But I agree it's certainly hard for a developer to isolate serious/code problems especially if they are not replicable. So i'm really glad that smthng was found here and all the reporting which was done hopefully will lead to a solution. I appreciate your support. br
  3. thank you for this promising update really looking forward Maybe in future it would be possible to shorten the way to problem awareness as I experienced this already multiple times with different products during my fs career: publisher x1 - ac performance problem publisher x2 - blurries after release publisher x3 - ac (lateral) path problems Mechanisms were always the same: it's not our product - must be smthng in your environment we cannot replicate (you) the customer don't understand anything and are doing smthng wrongly this is normal and the old (rfi) "request for information" game starts -> you (the customer) didn't provide all the info we requested so don't expect anything. totally understandable if you are the publisher but annoying if you are the customer. and btw in all mentioned cases above in the end it was a publisher/product bug or problem. verdict: I think if >5-10 users report the exact same problem then there IS a problem. but again I really appreciate your post this is all I wanted to know and this will be a great product if it does what was promised - replpicate a flight within the limits of a pc as exact as possible (so +/- 5% would be great). So take the time needed - looking forward to use your product again - which has a great look and feel and a great performance. br Mark
  4. Will this new build solve the high ascent/descent rates in certain flight modes/phases? br
  5. agreed - that was not a valuable info so what happened was the RTE RSV field and FINAL TIME field on the FUEL PRED page showed 2 entries at the same time one in upper case and one in lower case overwriting each other. And yes its with the newest patched file. But I don't think it is fair to blame users for unwillingness to provide debug information. Many posted dozens of screenshots describing the situation in particular and posted many lines of additional explanantions what happened and their environment. I have a full time job and many other obligations and I do the best I can to describe what happens. I'm into this hobby since 30 years now and I'm willing to accept if really smthng in my environment causes a particular behaviour/error but I don't think this is the case here. So I also asked for a link to one video with a flight with a smooth managed CLB/DES - unfortunately nothing was provided ... br
  6. same here T/D dissapears and every waypoint shows FL150 besides the T/C pseudo waypoint. EFOB shows -NANO but the whole FUEL PRED page looks kind of weird, A319/IAE started with turnaround panel state and fuel/payload loaded via loadsheet.
  7. no prob, but there was a change -> the descent stabilized after a short period of time (approx 1min). Before the "patch" this did not happen. Klaus' pictures pretty much show the descend situation I experienced but for me it stabilizes afterwards. But of course this is just with a limited amount of testflights (2) br
  8. I know, thats why I wrote: "tried yesterday with the patched file" -> means I installed plus the separate download file you mentioned.
  9. tried yesterday with the patched file and have the same issue as Klaus. On T/D if I start descent like described in the step by step manual. the magenta ball drops down like the plane would have been above the path at this moment leading to descent rates up to -4800 (speed increases). But then after 1 min it stabilizes (magenta ball moves to the middle) and continues with a normal 2000-2400fpm. So if the entry into the descent phase could be smoother everything would be perfect. Still having high climb rates though (4000-4700 fpm < FL10). anyway thx for your efforts br Mark
  10. Great looking forward to move the bus out of the hangar for testflights...
  11. Thank you i will. First i have to check out this teamviewer thing. Br
  12. I think at least GregoryV did: Geschrieben Sonntag um 15:05 Hello. I reinstalled Aerosoft bus again. I also did step by step flight. Same issue. I can't use the product. I asked for a refund cause I can't fly with the aircraft. Gregory @DaveCT2003: I really appreciate your efforts but I don't know if I'm able to set this up or find the time in the near future. So far for me it was reproducable 100% (happened on every flight). Don't know if this helps but I guess I have now every add on ac on the market in P3D V4 working without problems. So if the code is OK but for some of us this behaviour occurs regularily and with all our knowledge we can't find a reason on customers side we have to park the a318/1319 it in the hangar - sad but true. but still - is there really no video showing a flight with a working managed CLB/DES? or maybe a customer who can perform a smooth managed CLB/DES can jump into the discussion br Mark
  13. In my earlier post describing a workaround for the excessive descent rates I already stated that an upgrade to 4.3. resulting in mismatched files can NOT be the reason for that behaviour. I and I think several people here stated that the aerosoft bus was installed on a new and fresh 4.3 version of P3d (I started with V4.3 on 1st of Aug. and hat no version of V4 installed before). I played around with the CI and described my observations already in my previous post. What I also found out is that the T/D is calculated later then in comparable products under same conditions. So is it a bug in the code - I have absolutely no idea. I can only describe my observations but a mismatched 4.3 I can definately rule out as a reason at least on my side. Maybe it also needs to be questioned why thousands of customers are not complaining. I think some never post allthough having problems, some only fly OP CLB/DES or V/S (which is working properly) and maybe some didn't find the time to fly it at all. But again I have no idea I only would question if the fraction of people with problems/people without problems is really properly reflected by this thread - but I know the only facts you have is the customer feedback. In YT so far I found NO video showing a proper Managed CLIMB/Managed DESCENT and as I usually try to rule out things by myself maybe you/someone could post a link to such a video so all the people here with problems could see if they do smthng. wrongly. br Mark
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