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  1. I have searched this forum and have come across other simmers with a similar issue. One thread seems to have found a cure to the issue but does not describe the solution. Possibly something in the Simobjects - Kitty Hawk folder, but did not state specifically what they altered. It seems to be a bug without a definitive solution. I still remain hopeful.
  2. Once the aircraft is lined up with the catapult, (Shift-I) is toggled and the aircraft connects, however the aircraft begins to stutter and the nose wheel strut wants to return to the extended position but cannot. The best way to describe the behavior is the aircraft gets stuck in an endless loop.
  3. UPDATE: There appears to be no consistency with the nose wheel strut. On land, the Tomcat's strut fails to collapse when the aircraft is pointed at certain headings. Example, if the aircraft is pointed north, the strut fails to collapse. In contrast, when the tomcat is pointed south, the strut will collapse. When in slew mode, the strut will collapse if the aircraft is not making contact with the ground.
  4. Recently, I have installed the latest Tomcat installer from Aerosoft for FSX + Acceleration. Upon selecting the missions, I have noticed the Tomcat is struggling to kneel when the nose wheel strut is engaged. When (Shift + W) is toggled, the strut stutters and quickly returns to the extended position. However, I have noticed the strut will collapse if the Tomcat is not touching the carrier deck. This problem occurs with both the Kitty Hawk and Javier's Nimitz. This leads me to believe there may be an issue with the Tomcat. Prior to the latest installment, the Tomcat would interact with both carriers without any issue which leads me to believe there may be something problematic with the Tomcat itself. Unfortunately, I have found topics with similar issues in this forum but with no real definitive answer. Embarrassingly enough, my knowledge of flight simulation is limited so please bare with me if you have any questions!
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