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  1. Steve - I just created a flight plan that did not include DCT in the alternate destination routing, and the flight plan imported as expected when entering the flight number and selecting "Init Request". Happy camper here! Thanks, Doug
  2. I did this exact same procedure prior to PFPX v2.x and it always worked perfectly. After updating to v2.03 it no longer works. I get the same "Invalid Flightplan" error. For the time being, I can still import the FP by adding the departure and destination airports ICAO codes into the MCDU and it then shows me the exported flight plan, which I can then import. But I did prefer the former procedure that is no longer working. I have confidence you will get this sorted soon enough. Doug
  3. Check this thread where Stephen led me to the correct procedure. My "Save" button finally lit up. Doug
  4. It appears you are using the older AIRAC 1607 database that comes with PFPX v2.03. I can't be positive about this, but I had some issues with my install as well until I updated PFPX to the latest AIRAC, 1813. Perhaps the "tracking" code doesn't see valid NAV data.
  5. Got it... thanks again, Stephen for all your hard work. Truly magnificent tool. Doug
  6. I did all that, and I now see tracks on the map, but the Save botton is still grayed out. See my screenshot below with the following questions: 1. When I CTL-A and CTL-C on the PilotWeb page, it takes all the text on the page, which includes the title section. 2. There is a special symbol that now appears between each text grouping. 3. Is there something else I need to do with the copied PilotWeb data to edit it before pasting into the Tracks page? Thanks again! Doug
  7. Apologies if I missed this question... can we install v2.03 over the top of v2.01, or must we uninstall v2.01 first. Also, will the install require a restart as it did with v2.00? Thanks, Doug
  8. Just saw it was released. Will try that shortly and report back. Thanks. Doug
  9. Thanks Stephen. That didn't work for me. No rush, my friend... I'm confident you folks will get this sorted soon enough. Doug
  10. Hi Folks, Have searched these forums for quite a while now and can't find info on how to show manual NAT tracks on the world map. I copy the text from "pilotweb" and paste it int the "Tracks" window, but then have no idea how to implement the tracks in flight planning. The "Tracks" button at the top of the world map remains grayed out. How do I tell PFPX to use the pasted NAT tracks? Thanks, Doug
  11. I appreciate all the responses, folks. While a bit of an annoyance, it is quite easy to edit the logbook record after the flight, so I'll stick with that for now. Doug
  12. Whenever I start a flight at PANC North Parking 7 (the others nearby do the same) the resulting LogBook record shows the airport as Z41 (Lake Hood Strip). Is there any way to get this corrected? Thanks! And I love the new scenery! Doug
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