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  1. Okay, great - THAT's the solution ! Found the option to move Mega Airport Zurich V4 within ORBX "insertion point" (Einf├╝gepunkt) to the correct place... Thanks Emanuel for the prefect description! ...stay@home!
  2. No, it's definitely inside the scenery - as above, PMDG 737 shows me 111.75/135 in FMC and also other aircrafts just get a signal on 108.30 but thans for the hint anyway! Robert
  3. First one: I just get signal on 108.30 eg.: NavData in PMDG shows me the correct 111.75/135 in FMC ...looking for scenery (sorting / prioity) issue - but I cannot move Zuerich V4 higher (most entries are unmovable)
  4. Yes, the same on my PC - but in the Cockpit the Freq is the old 108.30... and that's the problem... Maybe something wrong with installation (there's no "handbook" - or anything, -how to set scenerey in P3Dv4 - all done automatically)
  5. I just installed the currently updated Mega Airport Zurich V2 (AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-ZURICH-20_PROF_P3DV4_V1100.exe) and was hoping to find the wrong / old frequency for ILS Runway 14 fixed from 108.30 to 111.75... No it is NOT updated ! When do we get a corrected version ? ...i found one (very old) file that can be downloaded, but theres a question to "where to copy" unanswerde - nothing more? Any ideas...
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