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  1. can you tell me where it is? On my shop page I can still only find the September version only including the JetBlue A320 paintkit.
  2. Will we see an update to it including the A320 CFM with the SATCOM Antenna? All texture names have been changed. Would be great to see an updated paintkit for this one soon.
  3. That sounds perfect. Because that would be a real miss!
  4. Will we see the SATCOM dish in the near future on the A320 CFM model? Lufthansa, Eurowings and Austiran, just to name a few, have their airliners equipped with those, so it is kind of sad that they are not included. Especially since Lufthansa has been used to promote the product...
  5. How are we able to include the SATCOM antenna on the Tailsection with the old paintkits? Are they going to be updated? Comparing a new texture with the previous paintkit I have also noticed some changes in the Tailsection regarding the antennas in between the Vertical Stabilizer, making the previous paintkit useless since this does not inlude these antennas.
  6. @Stefan Hoffmann I've been trying to add the registration on the nose gear doors, but aparentlly they need some adjustments. Can you be of some help regarding how I have to edit the layer containing the registration in order for it to be displayed correctly?
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