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  1. No it doesn't work at all Mathijs. As I said in my first post the airport runways, aprons and buildings are all in a gulley. Land levels vary. It's a mess. Thanks John
  2. Hi Emanuel. Thanks for your post. I don't think I have any AI traffic addons for LGSK. I have tried FTX Vector, but LGSK does not show up in either of the left or right lists of airports, so FTX Vector is of no help I'm afraid. I'm not too sure what you mean by disable their files. Is there nothing in the scenery cfg for LGSK that I can change? Like a bgl file or something? Hope you can help. Thanks again. John
  3. Hi Folks. I purchased the Aerosoft for Skiathos LGSK, but when I go to the airport it is all over the place. There are trenches. The runway is below ground as is the aprons and buildings. I have tried using Vector to cure the problem, but that didn't work. Is there some way I can 'tweak' the scenery cfg file for this scenery to cure this problem. Thanks John
  4. Thank you everybody for your help. Much appreciated John
  5. Hi Folks. When I fly my Aerosoft A320, after reaching cruise level the vertical speed needle next to the altitude tape, fliks about up and down and the aircraft porpoises and is unstable. This happens in clear weather, so it is not turbulence, I am using P3Dv3 aand Win7. Does anybody know please if there is a remedy or fix for this probkem. Thank you John
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