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  1. AFRK

    Not following flight plan

    Hi, any update??
  2. AFRK

    Not following flight plan

    Hi, i posted all the FP on the MCDU screenshots, you need something else? sorry, my ignorance. the flight was from SKBG to SKBO taking off from runway 35 and following this SID The plane didnt even turn left in 5 DME.
  3. AFRK

    Not following flight plan

    is this being looked by aerosoft? should be fixed in a next update? an answer would be appreciated.
  4. AFRK

    Not following flight plan

    Im having the same issue not following path even after take off. and setting up everything in the MCDU, added all the FP and init pages.
  5. AFRK

    Ground steering

    it was the Ez Dok fixed.
  6. AFRK

    Ground steering

    Hi, i flight the plane with an xbox controller, with the old Airbus i steered the plane using the Right and left triggers of the control, but now they dont work to control the plane, any idea of how to set up the controller so i can control the plane on the ground again? thanks for your help