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  1. Thanks for your response Dave. This happens with all variants of the A319, A320 and A321 professional running on P3D v4.5 (SP2). I do have an older system (holding off on the upgrade until MS2020) and get FPS in the low teens at busy airports but this has happened with FPS in the mid 20s, away from complex scenery at start of descent. Other aircraft - PMDG NGX/NGXu, Majestic Dash8, C172 - don't exhibit this behaviour but I agree PC performance is likely a contributing factor. Regards, George.
  2. Hello folks, I've been hopeful and patient that one day I'll have a trouble-free/normal flight one of these aircraft. I've seen many improvements (thanks Aerosoft team) and every experimental release I cross my fingers and set off to test the bus. Although the flight dynamics has become more normal and allows for much better manual control during takeoff and landing, my issue now is that at random points during the descent or approach phases, with AP still on, the aircraft goes into either a spiral dive or almost vertical climb (eventual stall). Is this an issue others have experienced? Is it already reported and something Aerosoft is working on? Or, is there some critical action/configuration that I am not doing? Any help or guidance would be most welcome. Thanks! Regards, George.
  3. Tom, I know all of that. It worked fine for me, until I inadvertently deleted the Updater utility....I bought/upgraded and have all four aircraft types & variants installed in P3D v4, up to v1.2.5.0. I simply want to avoid a full reinstall of the base aircraft unless I must. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your response Tom. To be clear, I'm only looking for the Aerosoft Updater utility (usually in the Documents folder) NOT the aircraft files. Appreciate your help.
  5. Hello folks, Would it be possible to get a zip posted in the Download section with a standalone version of the latest version of the Airbus Installer/Updater and relevant files? I inadvertently deleted mine. If I can avoid it I'd prefer not to execute the entire installation process all over again. I'm running v1.2.5.0 of A318/319 and A320/321. I'd like to tryout the latest experimental version after making some changes to my PC. Thanks!
  6. Hello Tom, Can you suggest why my Aersoft Updater doesn't run and what I might do to resolve the issue? This has started to happen since update to v1.2.5.0.....I'd love to install the latest experimental version. Thanks for yor help!
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