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  1. Thanks, EFB worked again with the Parking Brake on! But that still doesn't answer my question about the heading bug issues? Anyone ever experienced anything like this? Serious heading bug problems! Thanks again for the help!
  2. Hi all, After recently reformatting my hard drive and beginning a fresh reinstall of P3d v4.5, I've just installed the CRJ Pro and noticed that the EFB doesn't allow me to change the weights or fuel - the buttons are simply unresponsive. I've updated to the latest version (, and also noticed that when I enter a route, the icon of the aircraft on the PFD disappears along with the Heading bug. After a while they reappear but disappear quickly. When I originally installed the aircraft, I made sure there were no anti-virus or firewalls turned on, ran the .exe file as administrator and have only installed this (and FSUIPC) on my whole hard drive. Does anyone have any tips about what to do next? Also tried the reinstall and restart to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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