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  1. All ok for both QW and CRJ with the new version of navigraphOIDC.dll
  2. Hi Hans Its work for me !! I had old version of navigraphOIDC.dll (2019-11-25) and your is at 2020-06-29. I replace it and now all is normal. Thanks for you help and patience and good luck for the other issues Pierre
  3. OMG 😬 First time of my FS experience since FS 2004 I see that we need to reinstall a simulator for installing an update of addon aircraft 😨
  4. HI Hans I install the content of p3d and still have same problem. Dont ask to reinstall p3d completely please. I hadn't this problem with v I have a lot of addon aircraft and I dont have this kind if problem with them. Its maybe your adaptation of v5 for v4.5 the problem. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi, I uninstalled v2.0.0.0 and installed last the v2.2.0.0 and the panel still dark. All buttons are cliquable but nothing appear same for the Electronic Flight Bag. Here my p3d version Thanks in advance for your help Pierre
  6. Hi, I saw the last version for p3d correct a lot of bugs and have some improvements. This upgrade works with p3d v4.5? If yes where can I download it? Regards Pierre
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