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  1. Just tries again and this time it worked. The only thing I did differently was to load the default 550 instead of the 700. Cleared all controller settings and set up a CRJ profile. Everything worked normally including the spoiler axis.
  2. Same here. I am not able to get the throttles to work using the Honeycomb throttle quadrant. Physical throttles in the cockpit do not move at all and I am getting some strange N2 movement. I am using dual axis and have it set up properly using Throttle 1 & 2 axis. It worked fine prior to the last update (have not flown in several weeks though). The only issue I was having before were the strange throttle surges that were acknowledged. And oddly enough, I am also having a problem with the spoiler axis as that does work work now either....it makes erratic movements whenever I move the spoiler lever.
  3. Check to see if you have 'Assisted T/O' enabled in the settings...
  4. H - Yes, throttle is calibrated. I even re-calibrated within CRJ EFB after the update to no avail. They are also set to linear. Throttles work perfectly in all other aircraft that I fly.
  5. Just came in to this thread as I am having the same issues with Honeycomb throttle. I had some issues on the first version of the CRJ but it is much worse on the latest version. Small moves in the throttle causing one or both N1's to plummet. Nearly impossible to get the throttle accurately set. Glad to hear a solution was found and look forward to next update!
  6. This is normal...it is suppose to represent the relative wind blowing the flag as the aircraft moves forward....
  7. I do hope this effect can be added. Out of curiosity, does the P3D version of the CRJ implement gear noise?
  8. Make sure your chocks are in place...
  9. Hey Hans - I can confirm the sound is tied to the 'Environment' sound slider. I saw in another post you keep all of your other sliders at 100 but not sure where you keep this one. If you crank that one up...even at 70 you can hear the sound at cruise levels buit maybe engine noise is drowning it out. I have my engines sounds at 70. It may also be tied to the strength of the winds aloft which is even more strange. I had 90 kt winds on one of the flights and it seemed more pronounced than my flight with 20kt winds. With my Environment sound slider at 10 I have pretty much eliminated the noise....but not sure if I have killed anything else other than airport sounds that are tied to that slider.
  10. I agree this noise is not correct at all and not what you would hear on the flightdeck BUT I also think this is not part of the CRJ soundset and is caused by MSFS. I have heard this sound many times in other aircraft in MSFS and have to end up turning the Environment sound slider down to make it less obvious. Asobo seems to be using the outside wind sound effect that you would hear on a windy day down on the ground up in the air as well and it sounds silly. I reported it ages ago to Asobo but I guess they don't see this as an issue. I don't mind turning Enviro sound down as long as I am not losing anything else. I would like to see a way to increase the sound of the avionics and packs in the CRJ....maybe some sound sliders on the EFB. Otherwise a really nice aircraft!
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