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  1. 1 month after.. it is solved! Thanks in advance!
  2. I think that nobody cares about this with the new annoucement of the P3D v5...
  3. Hi guys, I've just installed today and updated the A32F, followed all the instructions on installation and also how to start the CFD, but, always a try a connection (as a captain) it shows "NOT CONNECTED".. and don't do nothing more.. What I'm doing wrong? Note: all anti virus and firewall are off.. Luís
  4. It's solved.. It was a bug from my hardware! Thanks for support!
  5. Hi guys! I've just updated my A330 to latest version and, in the sim, i'm unable to apply parking brakes, and also, on MCDU 3, i'm unable to select anything of the ground services... What should i do? Cheers, Luis Melim
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