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  1. Bonjour a tous . for technical reasons , I have to lmit my maximun flight level for all flights

    For exemple for B 737 NG , the maximun FL  it's FL410. I want to reduce it  to FL 370 into the "Aircraft Data base" for a while

    Thanks for reply


  2. On 19/07/2016 at 11:02 PM, Ranbi2Delta said:

    Thanks, Stephen. I installed your timezone file and it seemed to work fine this morning. However, when I opened up PFPX just now, my time zones have again reverted to the incorrect +1 hour times. Replacing the file once again doesn't seem to do anything now.


    This is really strange... seems to be an issue with PFPX itself. Anyone else experiencing this?


    It would be great if we could get an official word on this.




    P. S. My PC is currently set to Indian Standard Time (UTC+5:30). Also, is there a debug report generated by PFPX that I can submit?


    I have expererience the same on, several times . East african Time is sometines +4 , sometimes +3 ; South African Time , sometimes +2 (wich is correct) , sometimes +1


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