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  1. Thanks I have already done it but it is not work Thanks
  2. Bonjour a tous . for technical reasons , I have to lmit my maximun flight level for all flights For exemple for B 737 NG , the maximun FL it's FL410. I want to reduce it to FL 370 into the "Aircraft Data base" for a while Thanks for reply
  3. Thanks again I cannot files the 500 series perf. do you have the links Merci
  4. I am looking for ATR 72/600 performances Thanks
  5. Bonjour a Tous I am looking for ATR 46 and 76 performances If I can get a help Thanks
  6. Bonjour KriKris Merci beaucoup si je peux avoir les perfs des atr 46 et 76 Bonne journée
  7. I have expererience the same on, several times . East african Time is sometines +4 , sometimes +3 ; South African Time , sometimes +2 (wich is correct) , sometimes +1 ??????
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