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  1. I finally made the jump and did a fresh install of W10...and P3D works like a charm as the CRJ also. Thanks for your support and advise. And also for the quick answers. Next step the scarebus ...;-)Keep up the good job
  2. I'm not a FPS geek...if my sim run smooth then I remove the indicator to enjoy my flight. I've unlocked the frame totally and with the PMDG 747 it bounces from 90 to 30 which is good enough to fly smooth. What I'm doing right now is to download the CRJ again to do a fresh install.... next step might be a fresh reinstall of windows ... Don't believe I'm note listening all the professionals... I'm wise enough to do so and I don't have the knowledge to do thing on my own I don't understand. One of my rig specification is that I have windows installed on an SSD (Samsung 860 evo), My sim is on and NVe (Samsung 960 EVO) and my one drive folder (with the document folder) is on a HD (because it's a 2TB HD and I stock there all my add on) I don't know if it change something or not. What would you recommend? If you tell me the a fresh install of windows will give me better results I'll go for it
  3. Yep everything is installed I understand your point of view but I'm a bit desapointed. I lock my frame otherwise I have bouncing frames and it kills the smoothness of my sim. I've tried again to unlock the frames but it's worse.. Believe me I prefer flying than tweaking. As I even remove the small OC of my CPU and nothing changed.I just want to understand what's going wrong to fly this gorgeous lady. I'm not blaming the product as I'm always happy with your birds.
  4. Graphic drivers are up to date and c++ also. What di you call "all three legacy version" ? I don't get you on this point. I have messed around with VSync and Tripple Buffer and my sim is smooth with all my other add on even on dense areas Sama here... before one of the lmast update, it was the same with the 717 but now it's smooth I've tried already but it didn't helped me
  5. Hello, I spent almost all my day to look after any solutions in the forums. I do have a problem of bouncing frames in the CRJ that I don't have with other aircrafts. I'm using P3Dv4 , I have all the ORBX Open LC and FTX Range, Ma,y complex Airposts such as FT EHAM etc, I did my tests at the very last EDDF Pro. With the TFDi 717 and with the PMDG Range aircraft i can maintain a stable 30 fps (FPS locked in the NI) and everything is smooth. I have no tweaks. I have a clean install of P3D and already reseted my CFG files and cleared the shader folder. I even reinstalled the P3D client. The bouncing frames make my sim stutters and break the smooth experience I have with other aircrafts. My Sys is I7 6770 K OC at 4.4, GTX 1080 TI, 32 GO of RAM and an Samsung EVO960 1TB. Can you help me please?
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