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  1. Morning Oliver, I tried this morning, I made sure eddn is set ON and I started FSX as Administrator then started AES and yay! it worked, than you for support. Best Regards Roy
  2. Hi Oliver, I started FSX from the FSX icon in the main FSX directory, loaded the a/c at eddn. I then started AES Config from the icon in the AES directory. AES displayed a yellow box and the following msg. Version Read Error AES Config connected, but could not read FS Version ID. Wait until FS is full up and Running and then try to restart AES Config. I waited for FS to be full up I then tried to restart AES Config but had the same result. Regards Roy
  3. Hi Oliver, I use fsx under windows 10. I have reinstalled the lds b767 and I have tried to set up the aircraft parameters but I get the disconnected error msg in the red box. I decided to try a pmdg b737 which I set up sometime ago without problems but I got the error msg again. Can you please help. I am using AES 2.45. Regards Roy Stevens
  4. Hello Oliver, I am using FSX under windows 10 I have used AES for years with little or no trouble. However I wanted to install the LDS B767 aircraft and set up the parameters but I always get the disconnected error message in the red box. I tried a repeat of the exercise with a pmdg b7373 and had the same result. I have read on the forum about tring different approaches but nothing I try works can you please help regards Roy stevens
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