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  1. Problem solved Somehow the 2-D panel transparency setting in the P3D Display settings had been set to 100%!!! back to 0% and all is fine again. Sometimes one looks for over complicated solutions. Anyway thanks for your assistance.
  2. Hi Thanks for responses. I have a bigger problem as I now see that pop up panels don't work for any of my aircraft (PMDG, MJC, Aerosoft, A2A) or for any p3d standard planes. Shift 1 - 7 does not work. If I look at instrument panel listing the ones I select are ticked but not displayed. I had a big windows update at the weekend now on 1903 build 18362.356 and Nvidia update to 436.30 maybe this is problem. Am I missing something obvious??? I will raise a ticket with LM as it seems to be a P3D problem
  3. Hi. I am running latest version 1.25 with P3D 4.5 but am currently unable to access the MCDU3 as click spots don't seem to work. also the red x in the top right corner has disappeared. If I mouse the click spot the options MCDU appears ticked in the instrument panel list but is not displayed. I have been using the bus for a while with no problems until now. I have done a complete remove and reinstall with reboot and removal of shaders to no effect. The only thing that has changed is that I have recently installed a rift s HMD which is working fine and updated to the latest ver
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