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  1. Just found this topic after trying to get a response from Honeycomb. I've been on their e-mail waiting list for months now. Didn't pre-order, and asked them to notify me when more product was available. I got a post from them early last month saying they had a few Bravos left, but by the time I went to their site, again they were sold out. Right now, nobody knows, and Honeycomb is silent, on when more Bravos will become available. But after reading through these posts, I'm starting to think the company is in trouble and won't admit it. At least they're refusing any further pre-orders, which tells me they have no idea when they'll have any more product. BTW, apparently some entrepreneurs bought up the first batch, and you can buy a new one on e-Bay right now for the high side of $500 USD!
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