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  1. Hello, I had a CTD that I was able to reproduce by making a flight from LFBZ to LFBZ by choosing the departure procedure VAVIX1D runway 09 and the arrival MAGEC9R for a final procedure Rnav 09 with a holding pattern on OSGOT. The CTD is reproducible and systematic when I line up for takeoff from runway 09. just for your information because it may be Navigraph that I am using in addition that is causing the problem. For information also I fly very often from and to LFBZ and I have no problem in general. I also had a CTD on a go-around procedure last night on LFBZ also in ILS 27.
  2. I am okay. I slowed down at times and we must also recognize when things are going well! I really like the way the frost on the plane is represented. The 900/1000 is a success! I look forward to the next updates.
  3. The range and format and nav source knob doesn’t work on the crj 1000
  4. Yes of course. you know I post very little on this forum it is my third or fourth, the first concerned the superb A330 when it was released on P3D there were some disappointments which were quickly corrected and what a success, I rarely took so many fun on an addon. Before that the airbus series and the twin gave me all the satisfaction I needed. I understand you may not like my comment but believe me it's more the frustration of a real talking fan who is sorely missed by the CRJ.
  5. Again, being a long time customer at aerosoft and truly admiring the often colossal work that has gone into delivering such a great product and even though that argument is of no value around here, there are two lessons I have learned at aerosoft: patience must be a religion and that "soon" means between the second and the infinite, but much more often the infinite. The worst part is that it is also frustrating to see that this gamescom is still more important than the customers who expect to be able to use one of your products. I will continue to buy all your products, we define this obstinacy, this inability to separate, this deeply destructive love .... "Passion". Although I am convinced that even the word passion must have many other meanings for you. he is crazy you tell me? But if I'm crazy it's only you!
  6. I totally agree. i have been a loyal aerososft customer for a very long time and i understand the job and i would certainly not dare to give lessons but at one point i am wondering about communication. could we have some news because it's starting to take a long time i love aerosoft crj and it's so frustrating not being able to use it !! thanks a lot.
  7. The flight director doesn't work for vertical indication. am i the only one ? ( latest version )
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