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  1. Outstanding work Sascha! Though I was a little disapointed to read that the aircraft is only static. With other words. We need the Aerosoft Twotter badly in AFS 2!!!! ­čśë There is a lack of bush planes. Please take it as strong customer demand.
  2. I know this was written by e.g. Greg also several times. But I won't give up also :-)
  3. But what's up? I assume Marcel like most of the other devs which don't work directly for Aerosoft don't do it for a living. And maybe he has much much work in his real job. And I understand completely that he doesn't have to write private things to us, the community. But I wish Marcel could write some words here if the project will move on or not.
  4. This could be a perfect moment to revive the German Landmarks and German Airfields/Airports in AFS2 though I know it is difficult in relation to the amount of data due to the Photo based nature of the Sim. But anyway this Sim needs more Love in its home country.
  5. Really? Now THIS sounds interesting!! The very first payware plane from aerosoft for AF2.
  6. Hi Mathijs, were you able to find out, how the status of this project is? I hope it will not turn out like the pilatus. I assume everything is about the Airbus these days, but please lets not forget the history. ;-) Many Greetings, Jens
  7. Hi Armin, da gehe ich mal von aus, das ich eine e-Mail habe Hab eine Mail an die info simheaven geschrieben. Danke. Vg, Jens
  8. Hallo Armin and friends, Vielen Dank f├╝r die M├╝he, die ihr euch gemacht habt. Das ist echt ├╝berhaupt nicht selbstverst├Ąndlich. So eine Sache bekommt man in anderen Sims nur als payware. Und dann noch nicht mal so gut. ├ťberhaupt bin ich begeistert von der XPlane Community. Ich bin erst seit XPlane 9 dabei und erst richtig ab 11. Ich fliege P3d immer weniger weil das VFR Erlebnis bei XPlane einfach unschlagbar ist. Ein paar kleine Probleme habe ich noch mit XEurope aber vermutlich weil ich was falsch mache (bin noch nicht so ein XPlane Profi ;)). Wo kann ich die Posten? In einem neuen Thread? Viele Gr├╝sse Jens
  9. Speaking about sound. Will the german speaking captain have austrian accent again? I feel so flyniki (or now eurowings also) then. Sorry to my austrian forum mates. I had to ask this. But it was also lovely. ÔÇťDas warn richtig sch├Âner FlugÔÇť
  10. Hi Mathijs, Thanks for sharing the very deep Information about the project Status. I think it is rare these Days, that a commercial dev is doing this.
  11. I think people forget that the airline pilot job has more to do with an office job than most of the people would like to believe.
  12. Only Envshade and Envtex. I also have PTA, but all presets are too dark for me and I don't have the time to tweak around too much (I want to fly more ;)). No need to tweak graphics drivers (?). The washed out black only appears if you connect your monitor via HDMI. With DVI (with which I connect the Monitor) it appears in full color scale without settings change. But maybe I am not a good color reference because I have red/green blindness.
  13. Nice. I hope the Installer guys are fast As I hear that this is probably not the Prepar3d Sound Engine. Does it use ASC?
  14. Nicely and slowly like the plane itself. Thanks for the headup.
  15. Mathijs, I know you would post if you had infos, but it┬┤s been a long time since there was an update. Regards, Jens
  16. Nice Video. Wow! Love the movement of the gear and whole aircraft at 0:26.
  17. I thought so that especially the Airbus was from Aerosoft! :-) I thought already that the model was from the whole look too similar to the Aerosoft FSX Version (from the functions not, sadly). That shows again that the list of influencing companies in the fs community is small. :-) So waiting for more to come.
  18. Yes. The SDK is still a little bit "dev focused" so not really end user friendly. I was able to create my home Area. But I have IT Background. But i think the biggest Problem ja that you are not allowed to share data that was made of e.g. Google Map sources.
  19. I know I know :-) I have it already for a longer time. Very interesting is, that it is a german simulator which has already a great hype in the US but not so much in Germany itself. I think maybe because of the lack of german sceneries. Will this be the point aerosoft steps in? I hope so. :-) I think about VFR Germany and German Airports for Aerofly FS2. That would be great! Because I think IPACS Engine has one of the greatest Potential of all. Especially for VR.
  20. Hi Mathijs, thanks for the update. I don't read anything in it. Background was only that I wanted to watch the screenies on my PC yesterday because it was too small on the Smartphone days before. So I wait for the new announcement hopefully again with screenshots. Greetings, Jens
  21. Hi, Some days ago there was a thread in preview about a VFR Simulator from Aerosoft. I can┬┤t find it in the forum anymore. If I search via Google the entry is still in cache but it was moved. Does anybody know the reason? Many Greetings, Jens
  22. Not too much ;-) For this reason I didn't mentioned the P6 Porter ;-)
  23. This one, the Tante Ju and the Airbus and I am happy for Christmas.
  24. Wow, Nice Rig Mathijs. Very noble looking in comparison to my boring black block ;-) I agree with you on that with AMD and Intel. I hope they will catch up to Intel some day again because of healthy competition (I think the same for AMD and nVidia with graphics), though I have to admit, that I have the 2 Products from the "dark side". ;-) I have an intel i5 4670K @ 4.2 Ghz with an nVidia GTX 1070 which runs very fine with X Plane 11, Prepar3d 3 and 4, Aerofly FS2 anyway (no wonder for a sim without complex Weather models, Traffic and ATC. But lets see what it brings in the future) and also with DCS and FSW. Do you have good experiences with the AMD so far? Greetings
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